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November 19, 2020

Ashleigh Buhai

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Three birdies in the last four holes. You told me when you were on the 15th hole before you birdied, you looked at the leaderboard and said (indiscernible.) What is the secret to success around here?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I think today you just have to stay patient, hit to the big parts of the green. And I think in order to shoot a low score today you got to have a hot putter, especially this afternoon. The greens firmed up a lot and it was difficult to get it close.

That's what I did. I made some good putts coming down. I hit it close on 17 and then holed a nice one on 18 for birdie.

Q. Do you feel like you're playing as confidently as you have in your career right now?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I do. I feel very comfortable where I am right now. I feel my coach and I have got my game to where I'm very consistent, and as long as I stay patient I'm going to have that one or two good weeks, and hopefully pull one off soon.

Q. And when you get in position to pull one off, what have you learned, especially from the near-miss in Portland this year?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I think it's the fact that I can get myself in contention and do it, give myself a chance. Once I was in that situation, I felt very calm and confident.

I think that's the main thing, that you don't get too nervous in those situations and let the nerves overtake you. This is my 13th year as a pro now, and it doesn't feel that long, but it takes a while to get confidence and comfortable out here.

Q. Just to finish the way you did and have to go right back out and do it again tomorrow morning, that's got to be nice in terms of momentum.

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, it will be. I think in the morning the course will play longer, a bit cooler, but the greens might be a little softer. Might be able to get some shots a bit closer to the hole.

I think I just got to stay patient and keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. How did you prepare for this event with three weeks off?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Was down in West Palm Beach. My coach was out three weeks ago from South Africa, so that was nice. Didn't actually do too much practice. Played more, got a few games in with some of the South African guys that play the PGA TOUR to stay competitive. That was fun.

Then, yeah, just took it easy.

Q. Who in particular?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I played with Erik Van Rooyen and Branden Grace.

Q. Nice. Where at?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: At the Bear's Club.

Q. Where is that at?


Q. Okay. Are you based out of West Palm then?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: No. My husband and I are looking to relocate, so that's one of the areas we are thinking about going. Just spend some time down there to see if we like it. It was nice. We've got to see what we're going to do.

Q. Nice when you have some familiar faces to play against.

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, definitely. I think it helps to go and relocate somewhere where you've got familiarity and people around you that you know.

So I think that's the game plan, to be full time in the States by March next year.

Q. Have you bounced around between the States and South Africa then throughout the years then?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Not this year. We came over, and first of July we arrived, and because of COVID the travel restrictions it's too difficult to go back and forth. My husband's brother lives in Chicago; we've always used that as a base the last few years, but now it's time to put some roots down here.

Q. Stick with some warm weather.

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, exactly. Definitely coming from South Africa I can't do the cold.

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