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November 19, 2020

Sei Young Kim

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice 3-under 67 to start the inaugural Pelican Women's Championship. Has to feel pretty good to start under par here.

SEI YOUNG KIM: I mean, this is first year of Pelican golf course. Yeah, I'm very happy to finish 3-under and strong finish.

Course are really beautiful, and when you walking you can see the nice view. But course is not easy, yeah, with the gusting winds. So, yeah, I try to focus on the -- just the distance because wind a lot out there.

Q. How big of a factor were the winds in terms of club selection and how did that alter play out there?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Couple holes are really long so I had to right number and then right direction. Because hole No. 2 is really narrow green, so, yeah, I had a 5-iron. It was tough to, yeah, the right spot. Yeah, I had a bogey with that hole.

But except that, everything okay.

Q. Okay. A lot of alleys, I would imagine. A lot of different alleys out there, tight spaces where the wind comes into play a little more than others.


Q. Some narrow passages to get through in your shot.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, just couple hole, and then some hole is very long, some hole is short. So, yeah, just couple holes very narrow.

Q. The last time you played was the KPMG which you won. How did you celebrate? I know you told me you went home to Korea. Take me through the travels, celebrations, and what it was like to be back home.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, I spend time really good, so right after KPMG I'm back to Korea. And then, yeah, my whole family came to the airport and we very -- yeah, when I see my mom and dad I was like almost crying. Yeah, and I'm very -- feels like, Ohhh, it was to the really good.

Q. What airport?

SEI YOUNG KIM: That was Korean airline, Incheon.

Q. Incheon airport?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Incheon Airport.

Q. So as soon as you got in view you got emotional to see them?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah. It's very emotional, yeah, when I get there.

Q. Because if I remember right, they were able to surprise with you a Zoom call at KPMG, right?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Oh, yeah, at the tournament. You mean -- oh, yeah.

Q. Just virtually.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, virtually. Yeah.

Q. How long did you spend at home then?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Four weeks in Korea. Week ago I got in Dallas where I staying. Yeah.

Q. What did you do during the four weeks? How much or little did you practice and how much did you enjoy some good food and some drinks?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, I had -- when I get to Korea I had quarantine two week so I kept stay in my house. It was boring. I spend time with the family, a little bit of party, and then after quarantine hanging out friend. Yeah, drink a lot. (Laughter.)

But it was a really happy spend time with them.

Q. Is there a drink of choice that you particularly like?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Beer and wine.

Q. Everything?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Everything, yeah.

Q. That's good. You were able to spend some time with friends and then you came back out. What was it like between quarantining for a couple weeks and then just enjoying some time at home and traveling all the way back? What kind of work did you put in to prepare for this inaugural event?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Well, after spend time in Korea I didn't touch a club. I just, yeah, relax. And then when I get to Dallas week ago, yeah, I practice, starting practice, just five days.

And then, yeah, I try to feel same as KPMG and then, yeah, feels like it works.

Q. Yeah. You have a good routine?

SEI YOUNG KIM: Yeah, good routine because result good today.

Q. Absolutely. Good luck the rest of the weekend.

SEI YOUNG KIM: Thank you.

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