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November 19, 2020

Alena Sharp

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Do you like getting out to a start like that where you're right up, the one at the top of the leaderboard that everybody is looking at?

ALENA SHARP: I think it's a tough golf course with the wind, and I think getting a round under par to start the week is a really good obviously way to start.

There are some long holes out there and I just controlled my ball flight really well in the wind. I think having a good start on Thursday is always better than kind of putting yourself behind the eight ball to start.


Q. Are there on alleys out there, maybe some narrow windows where the wind comes into play a little more?

ALENA SHARP: It seemed like it was kind of quartering and then it would be down and quartering and then into. It was the gusts, depending on the gusts. Sometimes it was more than others. It was depending on where you were hitting it. Like at what time you were hitting it and what hole you were on.

So you just really needed to make the decision right when you were going to hit. Sometimes you're standing there and you know it's an 8-iron. Here, not so much. It kind of flops in between two clubs.

Q. What has been your overall impression? I think somebody said this all wouldn't have been done if we had played here in the spring originally. They had time to get it done.

ALENA SHARP: Oh, really? Yeah, it's beautiful. Doesn't look like Florida to me. Looks like Texas almost. They've been so nice to us and the practice facility is great, golf course is in good shape.

It's nice to be here playing it.

Q. How do you attack this course with where you are right now? Does it change at all, a little bit, or pretty much the same?

ALENA SHARP: I would assume it's going to be a little windier in the afternoon tomorrow. Same thing: control the ball flight.

I like playing in the wind so I feel like it's not something that I'm going to be worried about. Do the same thing tomorrow as I did today.

Q. It's a Canadian thing, right? I feel like Brooke likes playing in the wind. Is that something you grew up in?

ALENA SHARP: No, definitely not. Grew up -- well, not so much in Ontario, but in New Mexico state we always had the spring wind, and I didn't like playing in it.

It's just recent that I've actually liked to play in it. Took me a while.

Q. I feel like once you can master a little bit of the wind it becomes just second nature.

ALENA SHARP: You have to kind of make it be your friend and not swing against it too much. I think that's why I do well, because I don't try and hit anything hard.

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