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November 19, 2020

Brittany Lincicome

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Brittany, finishing 1-under, 69 on this par 70. How are you feeling after the first competitive round?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: You know, I didn't hit it very well so to shoot 1-under was actually really nice. I just looked up stats and I had 26 putts, which normally you would've shot 59 and it would've been really good.

But since I only hit eight greens, we have some work to do. It's a little bit unfortunate. The morning round I feel like I should've taken a little bit more advantage because it is just going to get windy in the afternoon, so tomorrow will play pretty tough.

Like I said, I was not hitting it great, so 1-under seems like a really good score. I mean, I made twenty 25-footers today for par, so my putter kind of saved me a bunch.

Q. I was going to say, as you took on your back nine, which is the front nine, the wind started to pick up. I was talking to Jess. These greens and that wind are just something.


Q. How were you able to handle that and what is there to work on for tomorrow?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: A lot of the holes it seemed like it was a left-to-right wind, which being a draw player was just really messing with my swing.

What was your question? Sorry.

Q. No, just with the small greens and the wind, what is there to work on for tomorrow in learning how to strategize?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, you have to miss it in the right spot, and I feel like I missed it in the wrong spot a few times. But like I said, my chipping, I made so many putts to save par today, which was really great. I could have shot like 80 I felt like.

Like I said, I made some 20-footers, made some 10-, 5-footers to save par. But definitely need to miss it in the right spots. I missed in in some wrong spots. Hit it in some bunkers that were short-sided, downwind, and just need to miss it better tomorrow.

It's a game of misses, and I didn't do very well today.

Q. I feel like we don't usually say you need to miss it better on tour.

BRITTANY LINCICOME: There are like elephants buried everywhere. The greens are kind of like a U.S. Open golf course, like Pinehurst where we're trying to hit it in a very specific spot, and that's what you kind of got do here.

Q. Definitely. I've seen them roll, these undulations. It's not something we're used to seeing, especially on LPGA Tour. But just in fact this is kind of like a hometown feel for you.


Q. We've talked about how special this community is for you. You had a little bit of a crowd out there today.

BRITTANY LINCICOME: I know, it's so funny. I didn't think -- we obviously can only have two people come out, but a lot of buddies know a lot people in the area and somehow found tickets, which was really cool to have a few people out.

Obviously there are a bunch of members having lunch and hanging out, which is really great to kind of see some people on the golf course again.

I can't wait for COVID to be over to have the fans back out, because you really can pull off their energy and get the momentum going with their help and just the adrenaline flowing when there is crowd rooting for you.

Definitely nice to have a little bit of a crowd out there. My husband got to see me play golf today, which he hasn't seen me play -- I couldn't even tell you the last time.

Q. And I know Emery was out here yesterday with you.

BRITTANY LINCICOME: She's coming tomorrow.

Q. She'll be coming tomorrow --


Q. -- but yesterday was pretty cool. She was able to touch the Stanley Cup there. Usually very superstitious. What was that like just to kind of immerse her here?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, so cool. I mean, she did not like me waking her up yesterday, so I was not waking her up at 5:00 this morning to drag her out.

Just cool to have her out. Any time I see her smiling face. She's so great on the golf course. She'll go for 18 holes and not make a peep. She takes some naps in between holes, which is awesome.

It's really cool to see her kind of watching me, and every time we see golf on TV now, whether it's guys or girls, she claps, which is so funny, so I'm always trying to associate golf with mommy so she'll know.

Yesterdays she was out on the green with me helping me putt. It's just funny to see her like pick up the balls and try to put them in the hole. But just having her out really I was hoping would make me relax a little bit on the golf course and I see her smiling face and make me calm down.

But I still have that competitive drive and want to win, so I'm a little hard on myself. When she's out it's a little bit better.

Q. I know you talked about missing it in the right spots. What is there to work on before tomorrow?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, like you said, missing it in the right spot. The I felt like the wind was off the left almost every time, and when we go to the range the wind is always off the left, so I can work on that a little bit.

Definitely not going to hit too many balls because being a draw player it frustrates me a little bit. So just work on little drills I've been working on. Maybe hit ten, twenty balls and get some lunch. I'm really hungry.

Then try to again tomorrow.

Q. How important is it? You said you saved a lot of pars out there. How important is it, especially with these greens out here, to be able to make those kind of par putts?

BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah, it's crazy. Like I said, you got to read the green properly, read the hills properly. And I kept trying to tell myself the greens are a little slow maybe because it's so windy, but just try to get it past the hole.

Because even if you ran it past the hole you would know what the putt is doing coming back, so I tried to be a little more aggressive with chipping to do that strategy.

Yeah, definitely could have had some momentum changing if I wouldn't have made a bunch of those par putts. Definitely all in all a great day, and happy I made some putts. Just need to make more for birdie tomorrow.

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