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November 19, 2020

Jessica Korda

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Jess, kind of one of those days where even a 1-under is good for the wind and the greens out here. How you feeling after the first competitive round?

JESSICA KORDA: I mean, we tee'd off really early so the wind wasn't that much of a factor, but the temperature was. It was really cold.

And then when the wind started to pick up it definitely made it really tough, especially there are some small greens on that back nine, of a lot of run offs, and it's gusting.

So, yeah, definitely pleased with an under par score. Obviously left some out there, but saved a lot as well.

Q. I was going to say, just being able to see No. 9, especially those undulations are kind of the story the week. What are your thoughts of what they're like for and you what has been your strategy to attack those?

JESSICA KORDA: Honestly just try to be on the right side of them. On 9 I wasn't obviously, but that just happened. You try to give yourself the best opportunity you can from there.

But it's definitely working with your caddie well, and knowing the golf course I think is definitely a huge plus. Being confident in the shots you're hitting.

Q. You've got your parents out here. They come to a lot of events, but this is not I want to say your backyard, but relatively close, closer than most tournaments. What's that like for you to be closer to home than usual?

JESSICA KORDA: It's nice. This is definitely not a tournament I would want to play as the first event of the year. It's definitely a little tough. But I'm happy to be playing in Florida, and I love having events that I can drive to. Obviously having my parents like an hour 15 away is nice. They can drive up, don't have to stay in a hotel, and still have like a regular-ish afternoon.

Q. What have you thought about Pelican in general? It's a brand now clubhouse, course. What are your overall thoughts?

JESSICA KORDA: I haven't seen much of the clubhouse, but the facilities are amazing. I mean, today we had the lights going off the hitting base and I was like, That's impressive.

And just everything, everything looks great. Obviously it's still quite new so it's got firm greens on some of the holes. With the wind it makes it a bit tough. But it's a great spot and really excited that we're here.

Q. Tomorrow you're teeing off in the afternoon. You said as that wind picks up the back nine can get brutal. What makes it easier to attack and be on the right side with the wind?

JESSICA KORDA: I have no idea. We'll see tomorrow. I have a morning kind of tee time again, so it's like basically an afternoon tee time. So we'll see. I don't know. It's definitely picked up on our back nine.

But it has gotten warmer, so it's kind of devil's advocate almost. We've had it cold and windy and then it was warm and windy. I don't know what you want to have. I prefer the warm being from Florida.

Yeah, it's a great track.

Q. I was going to say, also you mentioned earlier that you're more of a warm weather person. You said that the cold weather this morning was iffy for you. How does that affect your game when it comes to the weather when you have to prepare for chilly temperatures?

JESSICA KORDA: I just hit it a lot shorter, and with this wind you're trying to figure out how far you actually hit it. It's a guessing game, and then you have to carry over hazards and it's more of a guessing game.

So it just adds a little bit more stress to our already stressful game. But that's where I said talking to your caddie, knowing the golf course, being able to commit to the shots, is just really important.

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