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November 18, 2020

Malachi Flynn

Bristol, Connecticut, USA

Q. Would you start out with opening remarks about your game and what you'll bring to the Raptors?

MALACHI FLYNN: I think I'll just bring someone who's a competitor, someone who's willing to work and someone who can bring shooting and playmaking.

Q. We just spoke with Bobby Webster, and he spoke highly of your interview process with them. I'm wondering how you felt about the fit going through that. Did you see Toronto as a natural landing spot for you with what they look for in guys and the personality match?

MALACHI FLYNN: Yeah, to be honest, I did. We had some good communication. They came out to Vegas and watched me work out, and I met some of their staff. It did feel like it could be a good fit, and here we are today.

Q. What was your reaction to being drafted, and how does it feel coming to Toronto?

MALACHI FLYNN: I'm just grateful. It's a moment I've been waiting for for a long time. Just enjoying it with my family. It felt real good.

Q. And what do you think of potentially learning from Kyle Lowry and Fred VanVleet, guys in some ways similar to you? How do you see that fit?

MALACHI FLYNN: I think it's going to be great for me, honestly, as a young guy coming into the league with two guys who have won a championship, who have put up great numbers. They've won. There's not much bad you can say about those two guys. And they're similar size to me, so I think it'll be great for me to just be around them every day and just continue to learn.

Q. Just wondering what parts of your game do you think translate the best into the NBA style?

MALACHI FLYNN: I think the ability to shoot the ball. I think that translates to all levels. And then as well with that, just the ability to make the right play and take care of the ball, make the right decisions with space. I think those two will be the biggest thing that will help me translate.

Q. Bobby Webster said a few minutes ago that a meeting with you in Vegas really sealed the deal, really vaulted you to the top of their list. What did you get out of that, and how did you feel it sort of unfolded as the day turned out?

MALACHI FLYNN: Yeah, like I said, they came to watch me work out. I felt like I had a good workout, but then after just talking to them a little bit, just kind of showing who I am and getting a feel for them, I think it kind of clicked. And two weeks later they drafted me, so I'm just grateful for it all.

Q. I read something about how you studied Fred VanVleet's game and he almost was an inspiration for you. Can you expand on that?

MALACHI FLYNN: Yeah, I mean, he was someone who played four years in college, and guys like that are usually slept on. But he ended up even going undrafted. Then his first couple years he was doing all right, and then he blew up and he just continued to get better. And he's 6 foot, 6-1, right around there, and guys like that, they get overlooked.

Seeing him being able to do it at the highest level, win a championship, put up great numbers in the Finals is definitely inspiration for a guy like me.

Q. In that same vein, have you also studied the game of Kyle Lowry, kind of a 6-foot point guard who's kind of reached the top there?

MALACHI FLYNN: Yeah, definitely. Both of them, they're super savvy. Kyle Lowry is great at getting you in foul trouble, keeping you on your toes. He knows what play to make. He's going to come up in big moments. He does all the little things.

I'm a guy who has watched the Raptors in general, just how well they play. You're talking about those two guys, those are my position, so I really have paid attention to just the little things they do that contributes to winning.

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