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November 19, 2020

Jahmi'us Ramsey

Bristol, Connecticut, USA

Q. First off, congratulations. Big night. Can you tell me what you bring to the NBA. Tell me what your best asset coming into the NBA.

JAHMI’US RAMSEY: I feel like I bring a lot of versatility. I can shoot the ball. I come off screens. I come off pin-downs. I'm great in transition. I feel like I play defense at a very high level, and I'm a winner.

Q. Is there anything that you think you have to work on?

JAHMI’US RAMSEY: I have to work on a lot of different areas of my game. I have to sharpen up things I think I'm good at, and I definitely have to sharpen up things that I think I'm weak at.

Q. Jahmi’us, congratulations, man. Just wanted to ask what this -- what that was like when you received a phone call, obviously, with the family and everybody soaking in that moment?

JAHMIUS RAMSEY: It felt good to find out my name was about to be called.

Q. How much do you know about Sacramento? Whether it's the city or the Kings. How much do you know coming into this at all?

JAHMI’US RAMSEY: I don't know much outside of they have De'Aaron Fox.

Q. What are you looking forward to the most in terms of getting your NBA career started?

JAHMI’US RAMSEY: Just coming in and working. Looking forward to what's down the line for myself. Pretty much just coming in and putting in the work, and I believe whatever I put in, I'll get out.

Q. When you look at this entire situation, how strange this year has been, how has it affected you at all in terms of preparing for this night, this draft? Obviously, this is a big moment, maybe the biggest moment of your life. How has it been different maybe than what you would envision at, say, the start of the year?

JAHMI’US RAMSEY: Really this year has taught me a lot of different things as far as growth, but one key one is patience. This process has been really long. COVID has been extended, 146 days from the original draft date, so a key one for me is patience.

Q. You say that number like you've had it counting in your head every day. Is it one of those things where you just are happy to be at the end of this particular tunnel?

JAHMI’US RAMSEY: Yes, I'm ready to get to work.

Q. How was your draft experience overall? What was it like kind of waiting for your name to be heard? Was there much surprise at all to see your name go to Sacramento?

JAHMI’US RAMSEY: It was a wait, and I don't think it was much of a surprise just because I got a phone call before.

Q. Did it come out of the blue? Is it something that you kind of expected? Did you have much interaction with Sacramento before today?


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