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November 18, 2020

Jaden McDaniels

Bristol, Connecticut, USA

Q. Congratulations on your journey into the NBA. What was it like? What was it like to hear your name called? When you heard your name called this evening, what was the first thought that went through your mind?

JADEN McDANIELS: Man, it was just a bunch of relief, and then just to have my family next to me, I kind of shed some tears. It was tears of joy, though. So it was a great experience.

Q. And just to follow up on that really quickly, what was the pre-draft experience like? Of course I know it was a lot of wondering. Now that you know exactly where you're going, what do you feel like you can bring to your team?

JADEN McDANIELS: I feel like just going through the pre-draft and working on aspects of my game, just coming in with high energy, being able to play defense at a high level and guard one through four. And on the offensive end, knocking down open shots, just buying into what the coach wants me to do.

Q. How would you feel playing next to Karl-Anthony Towns at the four position guarding larger players?

JADEN McDANIELS: I'll be excited just to have him as like an older guy for me to look up to and just kind of buy off his game and take things from him to help me as a player. He's a big guy. He's been there. He's been in the league for a while. So try to just be a sponge off of him and just learn different things every day.

Q. Have you talked to the coach tonight? And if so, what did you say? What did you guys talk about?

JADEN McDANIELS: It was just a brief conversation of them just congratulating me and things like that. Also saying just coming in ready to work and buying into the system. For me, it's something that I've always done my whole life, trying to do everything right on the court, just buying in. So I could do whatever the coach asked me.

Q. How do you feel your game will mesh with the likes of D'Angelo Russell and Anthony Edwards?

JADEN McDANIELS: I feel like being a versatile player, being able to handle the ball and stuff, I feel like such different situations -- like I could sometimes be the creator for them or even in opposite ways. Anthony, we're kind of like the same age, same class, just even taking pieces and growing off of him, and really just D-Lo, and trying to add aspects of my game.

Q. Have you been to Minnesota before, and what are your thoughts about going to a state like that if you haven't been before?

JADEN McDANIELS: No, I have not been there before, but just during my pre-draft, I was with a couple Minnesota guys like Daniel Oturu and Tre Jones. It's super cold. I'm used to the cold from Seattle. They say it's a lot of snow. But I'm kind of excited, just new place, new culture. This is the start of my journey.

Q. I just wanted to ask what it means to see you and your teammate [Isaiah Stewart] make it in the first round tonight. What does it mean for you being at Washington? How cool was that for you?

JADEN McDANIELS: It means a lot just because knowing all the adversity that me and Isaiah went through in the season and just knowing this was one of our biggest goals, and the dream to reality. I'm full of excitement. I'm proud of Isaiah. We're just trying to keep the ball going now.

Q. How do you think you'd fit in playing alongside Karl-Anthony Towns in that 4-5 spot?

JADEN McDANIELS: I think I fit pretty well. Being versatile, I feel like I could play one through four at any time. Kind of like I said earlier, just taking pieces off his game and little tips, even how to guard bigger dudes in the post, and just learn on the pick-and-rolls and stuff. Lots to learn.

Q. What were your conversations like with Minnesota? And did you have a good idea that they were one of the spots you might land in tonight?

JADEN McDANIELS: You know what's crazy is today is my first time ever talking with the coaches and the GM. I'm just excited to see them and meet them in person really.

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