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November 18, 2020

Desmond Bane

Bristol, Connecticut, USA

Q. If you'd start out with an opening statement about what you'll bring to your new team, please.

DESMOND BANE: You know, I feel like I bring a mature approach. I bring a mature, consistent approach, both on and off the floor, and I think that'll be beneficial early on.

Q. I know you've been waiting for this moment all your life, and just going through your basketball career so far before the NBA, your game is unique. Who are some guys that you've patterned your game around that you've looked at and studied from to get where you are now?

DESMOND BANE: I like a lot of guys. I like Joe Harris, Eric Gordon, guys who can shoot, strong bodies, can do multiple things. I kind of like to model my game after those type of guys.

Q. With this team you're going to be on now, what do you feel is best thing you're going to bring to the team, outside of the maturity and some of the intangibles? What else could you bring to this team to make the next step for this organization?

DESMOND BANE: I feel like it's definitely shooting. Shooting and my willingness to defend. You know, Ja Morant obviously is a great player and is great at getting in the lane, and Jaren Jackson draws a lot of attention, so being able to spread the floor and being a willing defender I think will be huge for me early on in my career.

Q. Is there any player that you're excited to face? Obviously I'm pretty sure you're excited to face anybody, but is there a particular player that you're excited to face?

DESMOND BANE: I'm excited to play against everybody. You know, I mean, I'm excited to be in the league and just be an NBA player. I'm excited to go at guys on both ends of the floor.

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