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November 18, 2020

Cole Anthony

Bristol, Connecticut, USA

Q. Cole, what were your emotions like when you learned the Magic were selecting you?

COLE ANTHONY: I had just a flurry of emotions come out. I mean, mainly happiness. I was crying tears of joy. Shoot, it just tears of joy, it was sadness. A struggle. This year was a struggle, I can't even lie. It was a rough year. Just literally like every emotion, I went through that in a short period of time.

Now it's just sheer bliss, and I'm excited to be part of a great organization.

Q. Just a quick question: Looking forward on how you're moving forward, I know you did have some injuries, but there isn't a Summer League. How prepared do you feel coming here to Orlando and really being able to understand the NBA side of this game?

COLE ANTHONY: Look, I ain't never been more prepared for a moment in my life. I'm ready to step up to the NBA. I'm ready to go. It's just not a matter of me being cocky. It's just a matter of I've put in a lot of hard work. I'm ready to go.

Q. I'm also a Tar Heel, so I'm super excited you're coming to Orlando because I get to cover you.

COLE ANTHONY: That's awesome.

Q. Cole, congratulations on your selection and congratulations on being taken by the Orlando Magic. Of course, we know about your father's history in the NBA. Kind of a two-part question: Can you talk to me about how your father's mentorship has helped prepare you for this moment? And can you give us a little information on Spike Lee and how he got involved in what you have going on right now?

COLE ANTHONY: Yeah, first off, my dad is very knowledgeable. He has a bunch of knowledge about basketball. He's an 11-year vet. Still works around the league today. Speaking of questions for Spike, here he is right here. They were just talking about you. My guy.

First of all, with my dad, he gave me knowledge. Just taught me to be my best. He still works around the game to this day. Everything I've been through to this point, just to this point. I'm ten times better than he ever was right now.

Most of my goals are team goals. One of my few personal goals is a little competition between my dad where I want to be a better NBA player.

Spike is family right there. I've known him my whole life. I used to be over at his house when I was a kid. Me and his kids would hang out, and they were all close to my dad. So I'm glad they were able to come over here and join in with all of us.

Q. Cole, congrats on your big night. My question is about the movie Little Ballers. In the movie you were with all these big NBA stars at the time, and now you're not sharing a screen with them. You're sharing the biggest basketball stage with them. How does this feel that it kind of came full circle for you, and what are your expectations going into the NBA?

COLE ANTHONY: I really wasn't around the NBA players that much. There was a few like Amar'e Stoudemire. I wasn't really around the NBA guys, but just seeing it on the big screen and being associated with them back during that time, when I was a little kid who had that kind of talent. So being able to get to this point right now and being at the same level as them is exciting.

Q. What are your expectations going into the NBA now that you're going to be sharing a big stage with all these people?

COLE ANTHONY: My expectations are it's going to be tough. Everyone is super skilled. Everyone is talented. So it comes down to the little things that separate you. So I'll try to focus in on those and (inaudible).

Q. Cole, congratulations. Just wanted to get your thoughts. This is a guard-scoring league, and you can definitely score the ball. How do you think that you'll immediately impact the league with your ability to put the ball in the basket?

COLE ANTHONY: I'm at a new level, and I'll do what I know I can do. In terms of what I know I can do on the floor, nothing's going to change. It's going to be hard. I'm not expecting anything to be handed to me. I know I have to work for it. I'll do whatever I can do to prepare myself for that moment.

Q. Congratulations, Cole. It sounds like you were born to be in the NBA. When you heard your name selected, did it live up to what you expected?

COLE ANTHONY: I mean, these last couple days coming into it, the moment (inaudible). I treated it like it was a normal day. I went to the gym this morning, did a few hours of training. Everything just came full circle. When they called my name at the last minute, it started to feel real, and that's when all the emotions came out.

Q. First, welcome to Orlando. Glad to have you here. How do you see yourself fitting in with Markelle Fultz in the backcourt?

COLE ANTHONY: I think Markelle is super, super skilled in his game. His struggles, I think the worst is behind, and he's going to keep getting better. We can complement each other.

Q. Congratulations, Cole. Looking at Coach [Steve] Clifford, have you spoken to him, and has he asked you certain things that he would like to see you work on?

COLE ANTHONY: I personally just spoke to him a little bit ago after I got drafted. I was on the phone with him, and he said he's watched a few of my games. He said tonight he's going to watch a bunch more of my games and we're going to talk about it tomorrow. We're going to really have an intelligent conversation about my game. I'm super excited about it.

Q. And has Coach [Roy] Williams spoken to you yet?

COLE ANTHONY: I got a call -- he's the first one that called me. I had a good call with him. He said he yelled at the screen when he saw my name called. I'm happy he's happy. He's my guy.

Q. I'm just wondering what your thoughts are on being drafted by Orlando, and what do you know about the Magic?

COLE ANTHONY: I know that -- let's see. I know that one of my best friends Mo Bamba is there. He was my best friend. We played back when I was a freshman in high school. He's been my best friend since then. I'm super excited. Let's see. Some good pieces. They've got [Nikola] Vucevic. Markelle obviously with the ball. He's very talented. I've done my research on the team.

This is one of my picks I had in the back of my head and thought I hope they pick me. God is good. God works in many ways. This just feels like a moment of truth. I'm just super excited and happy to be drafted by them.

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