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November 18, 2020

Patrick Williams

Bristol, Connecticut, USA

Q. Can you describe how the last couple of weeks went? Did you go to Chicago? Were you surprised that the Bulls wanted to talk to you after -- did you ever imagine you'd be going this high?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: I mean, the last few weeks have been busy, I would say. I did work out for Chicago, and it went well for sure. But I didn't really think much of it.

But I'm just blessed to have this opportunity.

Q. I just wanted to ask you about your journey, getting to this point in your career, let alone in your life. When you reflect back, what would you say has been the biggest life lesson you've learned up to this stage in your life?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: Hard work works. I mean, you can talk about everything else, but it's all about who's going to get in that gym and who's going to grind.

I think that's got me to this point for sure. Just never giving up, always being in the gym, and having a good support system. That's been big for me.

Q. Are you a deep dish guy? Did you get your hands on a deep dish?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: Man, I have not, but I've got to try it. I've got to try it.

Q. Just wanted to know your thoughts on Chicago as a whole, what you see the direction of the franchise is going, and who are you most excited to play with on the roster?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: I mean, Chicago definitely has something special being built there with the new front office, and then the guys that they have coming back, it's definitely something special to be built there, and I'm just excited to learn from all of them, Coby White, Zach LaVine, Denzel Valentine, all the guys, I'm just excited to learn from them.

Q. On ESPN you said that the dream was not just draft night. Could you talk a little bit about what the dream for you was and how you see your career fitting in here in Chicago?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: I can't really say too much, but I just know my dreams are bigger than draft night. I think I'd rather show you what those dreams are rather than tell you right now. I'm just ready to get to Chicago and get to work on those dreams.

Q. What were some of your meetings or interactions like with the Bulls, when you met with Arturas Karnisovas and Marc Eversley? Did you meet with Billy Donovan? What were those interactions like?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: I worked out for Chicago, and it was just basketball talk, talking about schemes and ways that I play the game and what I see when I'm out there.

And then I talked to Billy Donovan on the phone, I would say a couple weeks ago, and that was just more basketball talk about what I expect from the league, what I see when I'm watching games, that type of thing. A lot of basketball talk.

I can definitely tell that the front office is basketball smart. They know what they're talking about, which not every front office is like that, so I'm blessed to be in Chicago.

Q. For yourself, they praise your versatility, they praise your size. For you coming off the bench most of your college career, how do you feel like your game is going to translate to the NBA level? Not many people are able to be a top 4 pick and still come off the bench in college, so how do you think your game will translate?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: I think it will translate well for sure. The more I learn and the more minutes I get under my belt, the more games I get under my belt, I think it'll translate more for sure. We have a quick turnaround, so when I get to Chicago, I'm excited to learn as much as I can on the court and off the court to make that transition go a little bit smoother or a little bit easier.

Q. I know you mentioned some of the Bulls that you're excited to play with. I know you and Coby White are friendly, have a relationship. I'm wondering if you've spoken to him or any other players on the team yet and kind of what your expectations are in terms of fitting into Chicago on the court but also off it in that locker room?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: I've definitely talked to Coby a lot, not per se about Chicago, but just about the process, the pre-draft process, what to expect from the NBA. We've talked I would say every other day since the day I declared for the draft.

I mean, he's been a big help. Just being a rookie last year, just talking about the things that he's went through, the things that he's learned, and just when I get there I'm ready to learn more from him and learn more from the other guys, from the coaching staff.

Q. The community that you grew up in was obviously very special to you, the high school program you came from. What did all that mean to you tonight as you experience this? And you went right after the Hornets. Was there ever a thought that they would pick you?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: I mean, there's never really a thought that any team will pick you. It all comes by surprise for sure.

But I mean, I'm blessed to be going to the Bulls. And you talk about Charlotte, just this whole process, I've been getting texts and DMs, and people in my family are just saying how proud they are of me and how the city had my back, and I'm just ready to represent Charlotte and also the Bulls well.

Q. You're coming out of Seminoles basketball, coming out of FSU. Tallahassee and Chicago are two very different places. How are you going to adapt, moving from Tallahassee to the city of Chicago, and how does your game adapt from Seminole basketball to Chicago Bulls basketball?

PATRICK WILLIAMS: I think basketball is the easy part because my game is so versatile. Just coming in, being able to do anything they ask of me. And then the living part is just something that you've got to roll with. That goes back to having open ears, listening to the vets or to the guys that have been there before.

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