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November 17, 2020

Brittany Altomare

Belleair, Florida, USA

Pelican Golf Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Thank you everyone, and welcome back inside the virtual interview room here at the Pelican Women's Championship. I'm so happy to be joined by Brittany Altomare.

Brittany, how do you feel right now now that we're coming off a break and at your home club.

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, it's great. I love being here. I mean, I've never slept in my bed for a tournament before, so this will be weird and fun at the same time.

Just happy to be in Tampa, so it's good.

THE MODERATOR: What's also nice is we had a three-week break. What was that like for you? Are you ine to take advantage of the break or are you more I want to keep practicing, keep my competitive mindset?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: So after Georgia I did go to Houston to play the U.S. Open golf courses, but then after that I took probably about a week off and then started getting back at it towards the end of our break.

THE MODERATOR: What was that like, to fly out to Houston and play where you'll be in just a few weeks?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: It was good. Definitely worth it because I realized that the two courses are so different, so I think was definitely worth going to see it and not trying to learn two golf courses in three days.

So that was nice. The weather when I was there wasn't super great. They had that hurricane that was kind of like coming through. But I'm hoping that'll be the toughest conditions I play.

THE MODERATOR: It's been a weird year, and a three-week break is something that I would say we're not used to, but I feel like this whole year is something we're not sued to. Do you like those longer breaks? You said you put the clubs down for a week. What was that like for you?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: It was nice to spend some time at home. We hadn't really spent that much time at home in a while. I guess at the beginning of year we did, but it was nice to have that break and spend some time at home.

Now I'm still at home, which is kind of weird. I didn't have to pack a suitcase on Sunday, which was nice.

THE MODERATOR: Didn't have to pack a suitcase. I want to say been a long time since you had to say that.


THE MODERATOR: So when you first heard of this Pelican Women's Championship coming to your home club, what were some of your thoughts? And as this tournament has grown, what are some of the things that you're looking forward to the most this week?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, when Dan Doyle started like kind of floating the idea of having a tournament here I thought it would be great. Just getting to know the Doyles, like he does nothing like -- everything he does is first class. He wants to put 110% into everything. I knew it was going to be a great week, and the hospitality, food, everything was going to be great, not just the golf.

Like I said, everything he does is first class, so I'm sure the girls will love it here.

THE MODERATOR: Did any of the girls reach out to you?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, they talked about it a little bit and I played with a few girls last week I think. They came over and played with me, so it was fun. Yeah.

THE MODERATOR: As a DEX Imagining ambassador, they are one of the presenting sponsors this week. How cool is that to be able to represent them at a tournament now sponsored by DEX?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, it's so cool. Like I said, Dan and the Doyles are amazing. I've been so lucky to have partnered with them the last couple years, and now they're going even further into women's golf and sponsoring an LPGA event, which I think is amazing.

Should be a good week.

THE MODERATOR: So I would say, have you been on the course yet, but I feel like you're always out on this course. What is it about this course that's different as someone that plays it a lot to some other girls on tour that have never been here?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, I think this course is just mostly about the greens. There are a lot of contours to the greens, and I think you definitely have to hit your approach shots in the right areas on the greens. There are some big slopes, and if they can get them fast for this weekend, I mean, it'll be tough, challenging. So it will be good.

THE MODERATOR: It's been a couple weeks since the last tournament at Reynolds Lake Oconee. What are some of the things you've been working on in your game since your last performance over the break?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, I played pretty well in Georgia and I was really happy to see my game kind of going in the right direction, but I worked a lot on my short game and chipping. I just felt like that kept me out of contention in Georgia, so did a lot of short game work.

THE MODERATOR: And who doesn't need that? What are some of your expectations for the week? Do you feel it's kind of a hometown advantage for you?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, and they're going to have some fans out here this week. I think the members can come out and watch. I think it should be a little bit of a hometown feel. I feel really good about my game right now, so hoping to be in contention come Sunday.

THE MODERATOR: It's cool. As we talked up here just the little comments from the members that you see that recognize you. How much does that add to the familiarity of this place for you, and what does that do for your confidence in your game this week?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, just makes it feel like I'm home, and to have support of like the local or members and local people here is just really nice. I mean, I get to see them a lot when I come practice and they're so nice and now they get to watch me play in the tournament.

It'll be fun.

THE MODERATOR: We expect a big cheering section of the members for Brittany Altomare this week. What that, we do have a couple questions.

Q. Who did you play with last week? Who came over for an early peek?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Lindy Duncan and Jennifer Song.

Q. What would you say is the trickiest stretch or green? Which hole in particular?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: I think 18 has few tricky areas. It's a long skinny green and it's a long hole. You have a pretty long club in, but you definitely have to hit it in the right section.

There is water short and then being long isn't necessarily good either, so I feel like you have to be pretty accurate there. 2 is another example of a longer hole and a tough -- looks like a big green but it's actually really small. It's kind of deceiving.

Like I said, you have to be really good with thinking through your approach shots and where you want to hit it and also where is the good place to be if you miss it.

Q. When did you move to Tampa?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: I think five years ago, yeah.

Q. What brought you here?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: My coach, Justin. I started working with him six years ago and I realized if I was going to move anywhere, I'm not sure he would really like it. But I moved closer to be around my coach and my team. So it just made it easier.

THE MODERATOR: I think Justin Sheehan, correct?


THE MODERATOR: Justin is one of the head professionals here, as well as he's kind of been along the ride with you through Solheim Cups, your career journey.

What's that like to be able to show your coach in your home golf course? Is that a little nerve wracking knowing he'll be here being able to give you a critique or two?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: No. I think Justin and I have been together forever, so he doesn't really make me nervous. It's just nice to have him here. When it comes to tournaments I think it's nice to have him. It gives me a feeling of comfort and confidence.

THE MODERATOR: With that, just a couple tournaments around the corner until the end of this crazy 2020 season. What are some expectations for yourself not only this week, but maybe as the season kind of comes to a close?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Like I said, I felt really good after Georgia so I'm just hoping to keep that momentum. We have couple of our biggest events of the year coming up, so that was nice to see. So I'm just hoping to finish strong.


Q. So who is going to come watch you? I think you get two guests. I know your family is not around here.

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: My fiancee, Stephen, is going to be here. It'll be nice for him to just be able to drive back and forth. And then my dad is coming down so he'll be down to watch.

THE MODERATOR: When is the last time maybe family has followed you in an LPGA Tour event?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: My dad came to Georgia. Yeah, he was more excited to play Georgia at Reynolds than I was. He had heard so much about that place, Reynolds, and just always wanted to see it.

Then the Drive On event got announced like halfway through the year. I was like, Dad, you'll never guess where we're playing. He was like, I'm going with or without just to check out. He watched me for nine holes and then he would go play after that.


BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, he loved that place.

THE MODERATOR: What about here? Is he excited for this place?

BRITTANY ALTOMARE: Yeah, he is, because it's like a home game for him too because he can come down and stay with me. He's excited. He actually played it earlier this year so now he knows the holes and stuff.

THE MODERATOR: So he's going to be like Justin this week as well.


THE MODERATOR: Giving you go all tips.


Q. Obviously been on the tour for a little bit now, but curious about your impression of some of the renovations they been doing on the golf course?



BRITTANY ALTOMARE: It's amazing. This clubhouse I think just opened up in July, and Justin took me on a tour when it was just being built and when it was finished. It's amazing. They are building those cottages over by the chipping green. I can't wait to see this place when all the construction is done.

They have just done such an incredible job here and it's only going to keep getting better I think.

THE MODERATOR: All right, so thank you. I think that wraps it up for us here. Good luck this week and thank you for joining us.


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