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November 15, 2020

Joe Salisbury

London, England, UK

Press Conference


7-5, 3-6, 10-5

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I just wondered, watching it almost felt like the atmosphere or the lack of it or lack of fans was more obvious in an indoor event than it was at the outdoor events. Just wondering how it felt playing in there?

JOE SALISBURY: Yeah, I think it does feel a little bit dead. I mean, I guess that's mainly just because it's such a big stadium, such a big space. I think the bigger it is, the more you kind of feel that.

But, yeah, kind of used to that now, so didn't notice it too much.

Q. How difficult was it for you to adjust to the match tonight after all that quarantining that you had to do?

JOE SALISBURY: Yeah, I mean, I felt it a little bit and a few things I think maybe on the kind of (indiscernible) reaction volleys, I felt like I was just a bit slow, sort of seeing the balls a bit slow. Yeah, just a bit slow on those volleys.

Felt like in general everything else was pretty good. I felt like I was returning pretty well and serving decent. I know that can come back a lot quicker.

But, yeah, I mean, it's not -- yeah, it wasn't a massive, massive factor. Obviously we had some time off at points during the year, then come back, can play well straightaway. Just some of the faster stuff takes a little bit of time to get back to the same level.

Q. I think all eight teams here can finish the year as the No. 1 team. How much of an incentive is that for you?

JOE SALISBURY: Yeah, I mean, it's great to be able to play obviously for the title and for No. 1. I think, yeah, for us it's been a big goal, especially since Australia. I think we were in the No. 1 spot since then, and then just went to the second after Bruno-Mate went above us in Paris.

But, yeah, it's great that that's to play for, and, yeah, extra motivation that we know if we win this week that we'd get that, as well.

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