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November 15, 2020

Marc Leishman

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Can we just start with talking about the conditions.
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, it was pretty calm early. A little chilly, so the ball really wasn't traveling very far, and then the wind obviously has got up. We only played about four holes in the end.
The back nine is going to be interesting for the leaders. I mean, you're going to have to hit good shots. Mis‑hit shots or shots that aren't hit exactly where you want it are going to be affected by the wind. It's not strong enough for the good shots to be affected, but it makes you think about it on the greens as well.

Q. Very much a Presidents Cup leaderboard there.
MARC LEISHMAN: It sure is. D.J. is at 17, three in front. Yeah, it's very much so.

Q. What are your impressions of Cam and how he's playing?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, well, I'm not surprised at all. He's been a good player for a long time, but I think he's really comfortable at it now. Very precise with his short irons and wedges, which is what you have to do around here, and he's a good player in the wind. So nothing would surprise me with the holes to come.
It's going to be tough. D.J. obviously has got two par 5s to play, but, no, Cam's a great player. He's going to be a great player for a long time. I would expect to see him on leaderboards here for a long time to come.

Q. When did you first meet him? Do you remember?
MARC LEISHMAN: We played a practice round together in the Australian Open maybe‑‑ years ago. Probably seven, eight years ago. He was a young fellow, and he impressed me then and still impresses me now. It's good to have someone to try and learn from. I guess he learns a little bit from me as well.
We've got a really good relationship. We're really, really good friends. Hope he can get over the line.

Q. Just your overall impression of this week. What sticks out in your mind?
MARC LEISHMAN: I mean, it was great to be here. We didn't think we were going to have a Masters. Obviously, the no crowds was disappointing, but there's still a lot of energy out there, I feel like. I've been struggling with energy all year‑‑ on the golf course, that is. Here, it wasn't the case. I feel like Augusta National just lifts you somehow.
And the Masters obviously‑‑ you know, it's just a different feel. I feel like this was the most Major‑like tournament we've played of the three events, the U.S. Open and the PGA. It's because we're here every year and we know what it feels like and we know everything about it. So, yeah, it was a great week, and I'm sure it will have a very deserving champion at the end of the day.

Q. Marc, I'm sure you know what's the next Major coming.
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, I do. I'm excited about it. I feel like I threw a few shots away this week just with‑‑ I think I had three double bogeys. I didn't putt quite the way I wanted to earlier in the week. I couldn't adjust to the way they were breaking. I'm excited about April. I know the course is going to be perfect again. Hopefully, it can be firm and really play difficult and show what this place can do to you if you're a little bit off.

Q. If I can ask one more quick Cam question. Did you play a practice round with him when he came out here earlier in previous years?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, we play practice rounds all the time.

Q. Did you give him any advice in particular about Augusta?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, you certainly try to help him out where you can. Doesn't look like he needs any help now. You know, when it's your first Masters, you're just like a sponge, and you want to learn as much as you can. You need people to help you with that. It's nice if you can not have to learn the hard way for a few things, places where to hit it.
I feel like some places you've got to hit it there to realize how screwed it is, but, yeah, I've given him some advice. I hope it can help him in the future and today, in particular.

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