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November 15, 2020

Adam Scott

Augusta, Georgia

Q. What do you take away from this week?
ADAM SCOTT: Look, I think there's lots of positives, but my game is a couple weeks under prepared, to be honest. I think that two‑week break cost me a little bit. I got off to the start I wanted, but unfortunately, when I lost the momentum, I just didn't give myself enough chances to kind of claw my way back into it.

Q. You see Cam Smith out there‑‑

Q. You talked to him last night. What are your thoughts about Cameron?
ADAM SCOTT: You can't interfere. He's doing everything good at the moment, so there's nothing for me to say. It's going to come down to the wire, it looks like. I saw he just got it safely on the 12th green, and D.J.'s got to hit now. So there's a big‑‑ well, there's a lot of pivotal shots coming in.
But the way he seems to be playing, you know, with the putter looking strong, hopefully, he can hit a couple of good shots and make a couple at the right time.

Q. Kind of a random stat, but nobody's ever shot four rounds in the 60s at Augusta. When you did it, You shot three out of four. Why do you think nobody's been able to shoot all four?
ADAM SCOTT: Usually the difficulty is up. In April, the greens are‑‑ even on wet years, they're a bit firmer. They're very soft at the moment, and that's why. That's why I think you see a real mixed leaderboard, not favoring anybody here. The shorter hitters, even though they're not short, can control the ball on the green even coming in with a longer club because it's soft.

Q. What's your favorite part about coming here? I know it's Masters week.
ADAM SCOTT: The whole thing. It's hard to go past the Champions Dinner once you're in that room. It's the highlight of the week if you don't win.

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