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November 14, 2020

Abraham Ancer

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Talk about your course management out there.
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, it was a nice solid day. I think I hit the ball better today than the first two days actually. There was a couple putts there on 11, 12, 13 that I thought I made, and it just didn't go my way, but that's just going to happen out here. I'm really comfortable out here, so keep doing the same thing and hopefully they all drop tomorrow.

Q. Why are you so comfortable here?
ABRAHAM ANCER: I don't know. I like the place, obviously. It's amazing. The views, the lines, I feel good off the tee out here. Even though the first two days I didn't quite strike it as good as I probably wanted to, but I managed‑‑ I feel like my misses are in good spots, and this is a golf course that you definitely want to miss it in the right spot.

Q. There are a lot of players that are starting to lose their physical and mental energy after the long days. What is your secret? What do you do to keep those going?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Look at me, man, I'm‑‑ I'm just kidding. (Laughter.)
I mean, I just keep doing the same thing. We've been doing this ever since I was a little kid, and there were some days in college that we played 36 holes and carrying our bag, so we have to stay prepared. There's going to be holes that are going to be 27, maybe 36 holes. You've got to stay ready, you've got to keep your head clear and just stay really patient. This is a golf course that you have to be extremely patient, and I think Cam‑‑ I was playing with him today, he was playing really good, but he was making pars, pars, pars, and it's very easy for you to lose your patient. He didn't, and he made three birdies in a row and then you're right there. It just shows how quickly you can get on some good runs out here but also it can go the other way.

Q. Is it fair to say that the majority of the pressure is on DJ tomorrow?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Well, I mean, he's in a spot that he's been there before multiple times, and No.1 in the world. I think he's right where he wants to be, obviously. I mean, we know that we have to go low, and that's it. It's very simple. We have to just make a lot of birdies. I mean, if DJ goes out there and plays really solid like today, it's going to be pretty much impossible to catch him. The task is easy. You know what to do. It's not going to be easy, but you know whatever has to be done out there has to be pretty special.

Q. I know you and Im like each other; you've played together in China, you played together in the Presidents Cup. There's a good chance you're paired together tomorrow. What do you think?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, that would be fun. I played with Cam today, Im tomorrow, so a little bit of my partners there in the Presidents. Although we don't really speak the same language, we get along well. Im is a great guy, and I think it'll be fun.

Q. For those of you who have never been to your home course in Reynoso, how would you describe that?
ABRAHAM ANCER: It's just like this. (Laughter.) No, I mean, nothing like this. But it's a super special place. That's where I learned how to play the game. I love going back there. Actually the layout I think it's a great layout. It's just there's really not enough members or money to really have it in good shape, and it can be extremely hot pretty much 90 percent of the year, so that makes it tough. But I absolutely love it. The food is amazing, too, by the way.

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