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November 14, 2020

Justin Thomas

Augusta, Georgia

JUSTIN THOMAS: I did not know. That was one of my best swings of the day. The wind just switched a little bit. When you're hitting to a target that small and narrow, you know, when you're playing a skosh there and it goes the other way, that's a difference of four or five yards. I mean, I still had it in a great position to make par, but just missed the putt. No, I hit a really beautiful shot there.

Q. I know it's a disappointing day for you. In general, how would you assess the last five or six holes?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, disappointing about wraps it up. No, I played beautifully today. That's probably what's most frustrating is I hit the ball so flush. I hit a lot of shots exactly how I wanted. Just one of those days where stuff didn't go my way. I was a couple yards here or there. A couple yards from carrying the bunker on 8 or just a little left, and I have a 5 wood in. You know, hit some mud balls on a couple good tee shots, but that's just the way it is.
I know one thing is I can't make four bogeys on the back nine if I expect to win this golf tournament. So I've got about 20 minutes of daylight left here, so go hit some putts and try to figure something out and shoot really low tomorrow.

Q. What's your mentality heading into tomorrow?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Just go as low as possible. That's the only‑‑ unfortunately, I put myself so far back, that that's really the only thing I can do. You know, unfortunately for all of us chasing D.J. is there's no fans or nothing to make that moment even harder, to have the buzz, to have the adrenaline, to have a little bit more pressure put on him that won't be there this year. So it's going to take something pretty special for me to have a chance tomorrow, but I know I can do it. It's just about doing it.

Q. Justin, the shot on 15, what happened? Did you know?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I did. As soon as it flew the green, I knew it was gone. But that was a scenario where, if there's no water there, it's a perfect 6 iron. I just hit it hard, 209. That was kind of another instance where the wind is kind of off the right, and it just kind of gives it a little bit of help, and when I turned it like that, it goes a little farther. That's another example, if that ball lands on the edge of the green, it's going to stay up.
But it wasn't a good golf shot. It very easily could have not gone in the water as well if it would have landed up top. Yeah, just was poor execution of a 5 iron.

Q. Would it stay up yesterday?
JUSTIN THOMAS: No, it landed over the green. It wouldn't have stayed up any day this week, but if it's just a couple yards shorter to where it lands on the green, it's so soft, it wouldn't have quite bounced out. Again, I double crossed it, or I turned it way more than I wanted. Riding the wind like that, it's going to go a little bit farther.

Q. So many good things heading into Sunday. You take some optimism out of that?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Absolutely. Like I said, I think it's a really big deal there's no patrons here. That would have really played to my advantage or other guys trying to chase D.J. It makes it harder when you can hear the birdies and eagles and putts being made. Unfortunately, that won't be the case tomorrow, but there's nothing I can do about that. I can't sit at home and sulk about that tonight. I just need to get over my finish and just come out and be ready to try to shoot a really low one. And if it's good enough, great. If not, get ready for April.

Q. The second shot on 17 looked like you were between clubs. Out of the trees? You had something, and then you put it back.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I had a 6 iron, and then I just hit a 5 iron because I had to open it so much, I figured the 5 iron is going to be pretty similar to a 6.

Q. What did you hit on 12?
JUSTIN THOMAS: 12, I hit 9 iron. It was 151, and I was just trying to hit a 150‑yard little hold, yeah.

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