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November 14, 2020

Cameron Smith

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Seems like you're just going about it, Mate.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it was pretty boring golf, to be honest, the first 12 holes, and then obviously that stretch, 13, 14, 15, three birdies, and then pretty scrappy last three holes coming in but managed to get some pars out of it.

Q. Talk about the save on 16 to just kind of salvage that momentum.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I mean, to be honest, I thought I hit a better chip. It got a couple of a bit scrappy bounces through that fringe. Yeah, it was good to knock that one in.

Q. Your position is going to be right there in contention come Sunday at Augusta. Feelings on what this moment means?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah. I mean, it's what we dream about, really. That's why we want to play. Yeah, I really just can't wait for tomorrow. I think I'm three or four back, I'm not even sure. Four, yeah. We'll obviously need a hot start tomorrow, and then the back nine has been kind to me all people, so hopefully it can be kind to me one more day.

Q. As a reflective moment, a boy from Queensland on the biggest golfing stage in the world. Do you think about that at the moment?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I mean, not really, to be honest. I'm just trying to do my thing out there. I mean, it's really cool, but yeah, when I'm out there I'm just trying to do my thing.

Q. Have you had many messages of support from back home throughout the week?
CAMERON SMITH: Too many to go through. It's crazy.

Q. You talked about it a bit yesterday, that you could have turned it up after all those missed chances and you found the will to fight home, especially the up‑and‑downs at the end. You could have let it go right there but you dug deep.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, you've just got to do what you've got to do. Obviously being right there‑‑ those three saves on the last three holes hopefully mean something tomorrow, but you don't know until then.

Q. Obviously it's a tough ask with the world No.1 with a four‑shot lead, but you know as well as anyone that the world No.1 can lose a big lead here on a Sunday, with what Greg did.
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I mean, I try not to think of that moment. That was‑‑ my old man still talks about it now. He missed a day of work because of Greggy, but it happens. It's a place that's going to get trickier tomorrow. The fairways are starting to firm up a fair bit this afternoon. The greens still aren't quite there, so we'll see what we're dealt with tomorrow and take it from there.

Q. You must have been a toddler when that happened to Greg, but have you watched the full replay at any time?

Q. Obviously the pressure shifts tomorrow for everyone, but he'll feel it out in front of him, right?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, absolutely. He's got a four‑shot lead. Anyone with a four‑shot lead is expected to win. You know, there's going to be plenty of boys firing tomorrow.

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