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November 14, 2020

Sungjae Im

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How are you finding it that you can shoot such low scores?
SUNGJAE IM: I watched the Masters growing up so many times that I feel like this course‑‑ I feel like I'm used to playing this course, even though this is my first time. I know the course kind of suits not only me but many of the Korean players, as well, so I think that's been why I've been able to maintain good scores.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your life and traveling around the country for the last years? Do you think it helped your game, helped you being comfortable here?
SUNGJAE IM: Definitely traveling a lot. I think it helped me in many ways because I've been able to experience every single course, and of course I missed a few cuts in the majors, but I was able to make the cut at the U.S.Open this year, and to play the weekend here is pretty awesome.

Q. You were talking about how this suits the Korean players; in what ways?
SUNGJAE IM: In my opinion, from the tee box when I look down the fairway of each hole, what I see of the course management visually, I can see where to hit it and where not to hit it. I think that's why I feel comfortable playing here.

Q. Your takeaway is very slow and deliberate. I'm wondering how that came about and when you started working on swinging that way.
SUNGJAE IM: It's been about four years. Playing on the Japan Tour, I had been struggling with my game, and I worked on a slow tempo swing unique of my own, and it started working well, so it's been about four years.

Q. Before the tournament started did you ask for or receive any advice about how to play Augusta from players who are played here in the past?
SUNGJAE IM: Speaking of the shots, my game is either the straight ball or a slight baby fade. Speaking to K.J. who's had a lot of success out here said that my style of shot making would be very suitable to Augusta National, so I spoke to K.J.

Q. Tomorrow is obviously a big day; what do you have to do to try to settle down and play your best golf?
SUNGJAE IM: I want to just stay composed, stick to my game plan, try to minimize as many mistakes as possible, and hopefully have a good finish.

Q. Did you stay up all night to watch the Masters as a kid?
SUNGJAE IM: Yes, definitely. The time difference did that. If Tiger was playing, not just me but a lot of golf fans in Korea, I'm sure they stayed up to watch.

Q. What do you think people are saying back home as you make this run, being a Korean? What kind of reaction do you think you're getting?
SUNGJAE IM: I know a lot of people back home are staying up late and not sleeping watching the Masters, watching me perform. I want to stay composed again and make sure I finish strong so that I make them happy.

Q. How long have you been in the States and traveling and playing? How many months?
SUNGJAE IM: I'm entering my third year.

Q. Is there a major that you think is the most popular in Korea?
SUNGJAE IM: I think overall they'd say Masters.

Q. When did you come to play practice rounds? Was it before this past week? Were you here over the winter to play practice rounds?
SUNGJAE IM: I played in Houston in the last group, so I arrived late Sunday night, so this week Monday morning was my very first practice round.

Q. Who did you practice with this week?
SUNGJAE IM: One day 18 holes I played by myself. Tuesday I know a few guys joined along the way like Sung Kang and another player.

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