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November 14, 2020

Dylan Frittelli

Augusta, Georgia

Q. This is your second Masters. The first time you missed the cut, now you put yourself in contention to win your first major. What's the difference?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: A little bit of good play. I'm driving it straighter and longer, and the putting is probably the key for me. I feel really comfortable out there right now on the greens.

Q. You said that Bryson DeChambeau actually motivated you to change up what you're doing off the tee. Talk to us about the distance that you've gained and how it's helped you this week.
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, specifically with the driver, the Callaway guys managed to get me in a Mavrik driver about a month ago. In Vegas I switched to a 46‑inch driver just to give it a go and picked up two, three miles of club speed there, and it's been awesome. I've been flying it about 315, 320 off the tee with the driver and I had to catch up the 3‑wood because it was a big gap between. Hit a great drive on 18 with 3‑wood there, and it's really been helping me.

Q. After the 73, how did you get your mind back?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: I just did a few mental drills at home yesterday evening and this morning, and saw a guy in the golf services building. You mentioned that no one has ever shot four rounds in the 60s, and he kind of put it out there like hey, you had one bad round but you can still get back into it and do well, so it was a nice little bit of advice, I guess.

Q. What was working so well for you out there today?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: I just had clarity. I think my mind was pretty clear. Felt confident, felt calm. Didn't really feel any nerves, I guess. Even 15, hit it into the green there, wasn't too nervous. 18th tee shot a little bit nervy, but besides that felt really comfortable. If I can feel that way tomorrow on the tee and on the golf course, I think I like my chances.

Q. Where did you find that clarity, that comfort overnight?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: It's just through working on it. Many guys come off the golf course and think, oh, my swing was out today, I was doing this badly, putting badly. They don't reflect and go, hang on, maybe it was my mental side. Maybe I wasn't sharp, maybe I wasn't focused. That's something I actively work on. I don't think it's something you can just willy‑nilly fall into place and do well, so I actively work on that stuff with my sports psych and try to have a nice clear happy disposition when I'm on the course.

Q. What will you be able to draw on tomorrow in the final round to try to chase the green jacket?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: I mean, just try and get my mind ready. I'll do some mental drills tonight and possibly tomorrow morning. I think it's good that our tee times are early tomorrow. I never enjoy waking up and having five hours to think about a round of golf. I'll try and sleep late tomorrow and just get up, have a shower and head on up to the golf course.

Q. The 15th hole, you've birdied it every day. Does that just set up for you nicely?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Very different ways I've birdied it. Well, the first two days I hit it right in the trees and laid up, wedged it up close the one day, made a 10‑footer and then the other day spun back on the fringe and made a nice long putt. Very different ones. Today was a little easier. I managed to bomb it way down there and have 7‑iron out of the rough. That was a bit helpful.
But yeah, I think that hole‑‑ I remember playing it two years ago and hitting it way down, having a 6‑iron in and literally staring it down in the second round and the ball landed in the water, came up short. The wind confused me. It's definitely a sort of nail biter, two‑shot, three‑shot swing hole and hopefully I can hit one way down there tomorrow and make it easy on myself.

Q. You've been making a lot of birdies; is it the bogeys, are they just going to come, or‑‑
DYLAN FRITTELLI: No, the bogeys are going to stay away. I'm going to keep them as far away from me as possible.
No, I mean, you've just got to give yourself the odds. Whenever you have a tucked pin, sharp edges, left side, right side, you've just got to stay to the fat side of the green. 18 is a perfect example. I didn't have a great number. I had 180 flag into the wind. My 7‑iron is about five yards short of that, and I just said to my caddie, we're going to bargain on some adrenaline and just keep it left of the flag. I pulled it, but I had tons of space to work with and I chipped it up and made par. Those are the type of smart things you've got to do, and to do that you've got to have a clear head. That's number one. Get a clear head first and then hope you can manage your way around the course.

Q. What do you think your game plan will be tomorrow, stay aggressive?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, for sure. I don't think much will change. The greens will still be somewhat soft. I'm sure the guys will turn the fans on tonight and try and bake them out, but yeah, they'll still be receptive, and I'm guessing DJ is still making birdies out there, so I'm going to have to go out and have six or seven birdies tomorrow if I want to compete.

Q. Are you expecting a lot from yourself tomorrow?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, I mean, it's just a golf tournament, isn't it? We're out there playing golf. Luckily there's no fans; that definitely plays into sort of, I guess, my side because DJ and all the guys that have been doing this for 15 years are more comfortable with that. Definitely going to take advantage of that, and why not go for it. There's going to be a few times in your career that you'll be in contention, so it's pointless laying up and trying to play for a top 5 or something.

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