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November 14, 2020

John Augenstein

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Can you just talk about overall how you're feeling, a chance to be the low amateur?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, I don't know what Andy is at, but I just all day didn't play well. I mean, it was playing a little tougher. The greens were definitely a little faster, but that didn't have anything to do with it, I just didn't hit it as well as I have been. I had a few three‑putts and just all in all was a poorly played round of golf.

Q. What can you take into tomorrow? How can you kind of reboot?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: From today, I thought I drove it a little better than I did yesterday, so that's probably the main positive. I don't tend to hit my irons bad for very long, and so I think that if I continue to give myself chances out of the fairway, I should be able to post a decent score tomorrow.

Q. Being from Kentucky, knowing Justin Thomas, did he give you any tips going into this week?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, we talked a good bit about this week, mainly just kind of how to budget your time. A little bit of how to attack the golf course, talked about where he likes to play from, maybe a few of the mistakes he's made here in the past, but nothing major. Just good advice just kind of along the way.

Q. When you got off the golf course yesterday, how many text messages did you have?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, I had, I don't know, probably‑‑ not too many, maybe 60 or 70 messages, but a lot of social media.

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