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November 14, 2020

Andy Ogletree

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Two‑day second round.
ANDY OGLETREE: Yeah, second round I felt a lot more comfortable on the 1st tee. I felt like I got into my round early. I hit a bad swing on 2, cost me a bogey there. It was probably a shot and a half. The hole was playing pretty easy downwind, so pretty unfortunate to hit it left there. But after that, I played some really solid golf.
I came out this morning and was really focused. I was able to make a few birdies and kind of get in front of the cut line, not fighting behind it. So that was huge. Unfortunately, made a bogey on 18, but I still think I'm going to make it. So it's a good feeling.

Q. Got to make it interesting at the end.

Q. What that putt like down there?
ANDY OGLETREE: The first putt, there were some pretty bad bumps in front of my ball, and I thought my ball was going to hop a little bit, and it came out and rolled just end over end. So nothing I can do about stuff like that. You've just got to play every shot to the best of our ability.
Yeah, it went a long ways. I had a pretty steep putt coming back, but I knew it was uphill. I hit it pretty hard and still didn't get it there. It was good to knock that last one in, though.

Q. How much relief is it getting a couple of birdies early and knowing you're inside the cut line?
ANDY OGLETREE: Yeah, I've been on the outside looking in at the U.S. Open, and I knew how hard that was. There's just more pressure. It's easier to stay in front than to get in front. So I just felt like that was a huge sigh of relief. I knew I had a couple more birdie holes coming in. I didn't birdie 15. That's a birdie hole. And then 16 is an easy pin today, so I thought I could birdie that one too. The save on 17 was huge, and that putt felt really good.

Q. How did you hit it?
ANDY OGLETREE: I hit it left off the tee. I hit a tree, and I had 215 in. So I had to lay up short of the bunker, and I got up and down from 35, 40 yards.

Q. You said looking forward, it was important to make a little bit of a noise here and maybe get some sponsors. How big is it just making the cut as you look to the future?
ANDY OGLETREE: I mean, I can't speak for tournament directors, but I think, from my side, I feel like I've done what I need to do to earn some spots. I've played some good golf. I've won the U.S. Amateur. I've made the cut playing with Tiger Woods at the Masters, so I feel like that deserves a chance to go get to play in some TOUR events, and I hope they see it that way too.

Q. Can it start as early as next week?
ANDY OGLETREE: Yeah, it can.

Q. You've got your eye on that?

Q. Did you watch the cut line at all during the day, or were you too focused?
ANDY OGLETREE: I knew it was going to be 1 under, 2 under. They say it might even be even. So we'll see.

Q. It's one thing to come in and enjoy the experience. How big was making the cut?
ANDY OGLETREE: Yeah, I mean, one of the goals was low amateur, and now I have a chance to do that. So now that I made the cut, I feel like I'm going to be a lot more freed up to just go out and play golf and not really worry about all the other stuff that comes along with it.
It definitely feels like a weight off my shoulders. I can just go out and try to make as many birdies as I can. The lead's at 9 under, and I'm only eight back. There's a lot of birdies to be made out there.

Q. What do you make out of the experience of playing with Tiger and playing with Shane? It seems like you two really connected.
ANDY OGLETREE: So Shane and I played together at the U.S. Open. We were paired together. So we were already super comfortable, knew each other. We played with Gary Woodland there and had a really good time. We talked a lot. To be paired with Shane was great for me because I had someone to talk to and someone I knew a little bit. I think that was definitely a great comfort level.
He's just such an easy‑going, funny guy, and his caddie is super nice too. And then Tiger was great too. So we had a good group.

Q. You have a familiar person at the other amateur looks like he'll make the cut. Any thoughts about wanting to take down‑‑

Q. Yeah.
ANDY OGLETREE: I mean, he played great. I think John was in fourth place at one point in the tournament. That's awesome. I was super happy for him. I'm sure we'll battle it out. We battle it out a lot in tournaments, and this will be the same thing. We both want to play great, and I'm sure he'll play great too.

Q. What kind of education is it to not only play 36 holes with Tiger but to compete?
ANDY OGLETREE: Yeah, he knows this golf course so well, that he kind of has a really good plan for every hole. Stuff you can't see on TV. He's working it into the pins. He's working it off the ridges. He's controlling the spin. He's flighting drivers. There's so much more you can see playing with him than you see on TV, but he just really knows his way around this golf course and kind of knows where to miss it. I think that's the biggest component of playing Augusta National is just missing the right spots.

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