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November 14, 2020

Jon Rahm

Augusta, Georgia

JON RAHM: I really don't know how to answer that. I'm going to say what I've been saying. When we started after COVID suspension, it was weird. There was some adjustment to get done, but after a while, I think we've kind of gotten used to the fact that there's no cheers and to hear certain things.
I mean, it's crazy to see and realize the little things we can hear from so far away. I mean, somebody could be digging into a bag of chips 150 yards away, and sometimes you can hear it, which is crazy. I wouldn't say it's easy or more difficult to concentrate. It's just a little different. But with the year we've had, it's the normal right now.

Q. Jon, you've played rounds with a lot of people who have had success around this golf course. What's the one piece of advice that sticks out in your mind about playing on this golf course?
JON RAHM: Without getting too technical on the greens and certain shots‑‑ I've said it a couple of times this week. I think Phil said it, and Olazabal told me as well. Every single hole at Augusta National, except the par 5, plays over par. Maybe not so this week because of how soft it's been, but usually. And even par 5s, except one or two, play just under par, right? So just understand the pars are never bad. Even if you make a par on a par 5, it's not a bad thing. You're not really losing ground.
I think that really gives you certain perspective on the golf course and how to play, and you know, if you're able to make a par or you miss a putt for birdie, it's just knowing that you're getting on the field either way.

Q. Jon, this morning could you tell the difference‑‑ I know it's a small sample size. Could you tell the difference in the course conditions compared to yesterday? And what are you anticipating this afternoon?
JON RAHM: Greens were the same when it comes to firmness. They were pretty soft. A lot quicker, though. A lot, lot, lot quicker, which I can say some of the finishing holes yesterday with the slower greens were a lot easier to putt on. The pin on 17 is a pretty slippery one. You know, it's kind of on top of a little hill on the green, and it can be difficult. 18, my putt this morning was ridiculously fast. And, you know, a couple others that maybe would have been‑‑ you would have been a little bit more relaxed.
Still, the speed of the greens are getting towards more what we're used to seeing at Augusta National. So it's going back to putting from memory, I guess.

Q. Do you expect it to be different this afternoon?
JON RAHM: I don't know. If the sun comes out and it dries out a little bit, it will get quicker. I'm assuming they're going to prep the course and keep the speed of the greens at least to what we have today. I wouldn't be surprised if we start hearing SubAir as we're working the golf course today, and the golf course gets a little firmer and faster for tomorrow.
If you're a golf fan, this weekend is going to be a good one to watch with the course getting better and the leaderboard we have going on.

Q. You never like to give back a shot on a par 5. How big was 15 just walking out there?
JON RAHM: Huge. I'm on the fairway, and I have 240 and a little dew on the ball, a little bit of mud, and just grass. I'm thinking I have that hybrid 4 iron that I can hit, and I have to hit it absolutely perfect to get it to the pin, and any mis‑hit can be a drastic difference compared to what it usually is, right? It can be a lot shorter.
My second shot kind of confirmed not going for it because that ball went easily 15 yards shorter than it was intended. I mean, that ball went nowhere ‑‑ the cold, the ball itself, and the dew. Yeah, unfortunately, I hit a bit of a knuckleball on the next shot, maybe just thinking it was going to fly short, put myself in a horrible spot, and that fifth shot really‑‑ it's not like you're always trying to make it, but it's the type of shot where I'm really just looking to start it on the right line and land it on the green because that ball will get to the hole and hopefully finds it, and it did.
It was huge. Keep that bogey‑free round going. A chip‑in is always a huge boost of confidence. That chip on 17 was made a lot easier after making one a couple holes before.

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