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November 14, 2020

Patrick Reed

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Can you talk about how different the golf course is as you played today compared to Thursday?
PATRICK REED: Oh, compared to Thursday? A lot different. Fairways are getting a little tighter. It's obviously firming up just a little bit, and the greens are getting faster. But it's kind of‑‑ it's what you expect. As the week goes on on every event, when you tee it up Thursday, as long as there's no rain or bad weather once you start, the golf courses tend to get firmer and faster as they go on. Same thing here at Augusta. Every time we've played, it always seems to get a little crustier, a little faster each and every day.
The difference from yesterday afternoon to this morning was insane. The greens were a lot faster. They're a lot smoother, obviously, since we're the first ones on them. But you started to see that kind of roll out when the ball just caught the edges. If it was just off the green, where it kept on going down the hill, and then the putts started to have that look of just that really, really slow, just continuous movement that the ball just keeps on going. Next thing you know, you think it's a foot by, and you have a three‑footer coming back.
I like how it's turning out. I like how it's getting faster. It's just one of those things. It's going to put a premium on not only ball striking but also where you're placing the ball and making putts.

Q. From a strategy perspective and what you just said, does that redefine patience over the next two rounds?
PATRICK REED: I think around this place you always have to be patient, but at the same time, with how soft it is‑‑ the greens are still soft. So you're still going to have to attack the golf course. I feel like, even in the past, even in '18 when I won, even though I was being patient on my‑‑ on some of the holes that I was just going to go and green light at, I was being very aggressive towards my lines, and I feel like that's what you have to do around this place.
It's very easy to get kind of guidey around here because you don't want to put it in certain spots. I feel like you just have to keep your foot down and go for it.

Q. What's been the sharpest part of your game?
PATRICK REED: I don't know how the numbers have showed, but I feel like I've been hitting the ball pretty solid. I haven't really, besides that one 4 iron on the first day on 15 that I caught heavy, besides for that, I feel like I've struck the ball pretty solidly, and I've missed them in‑‑ a majority, I've missed them in the right spots.
But the putter always feels good. I feel like I'm hitting my lines. I feel like I'm hitting putts how I'm supposed to be hitting them. It's just that first day I had to get it through my head that this putt's not as fast as it normally is.
I think that's the hardest thing. You try to pull off of experience here, especially that first day where right after all that rain and some of the putts that you're like, man, you just have to tap this. It's going to be two, three feet short. I did that a lot. I think it's the first time I left so many kind of 8 to 15‑footers short. Now they're back up to speed, which I'm really looking forward to this weekend.

Q. How are you going to reset now and start the second half of the weekend?
PATRICK REED: I'll probably go hydrate, grab something to eat, talk with my coach, and just try to find a game plan. Just kind of rest and get ready for this afternoon.

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