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November 14, 2020

Tiger Woods

Augusta, Georgia

TIGER WOODS: The golf course is playing long right now. The air is heavy. The ball is not really flying like it was yesterday. They definitely have sped up the greens overnight. They were a lot faster this morning, and you could hear the SubAirs on out there today, so I think as the day progresses they're only going to get a little bit faster. They looked like they were able to put mowers on the fairways, which was nice, but they still did not touch the second cut, if you want to call it, now the height of a third cut.

Q. Do you want it to firm up? Do you feel like that plays into your hands?
TIGER WOODS: It always plays more into the past champions here if it is firmer. A lot of our experiences are with the greens firmer and faster and balls breaking. They were breaking just a touch more today. The putting greens were both faster than they were yesterday, but the greens were faster than the putting greens.
I think nothing is going to change. This golf course is going to get a little bit quicker and a little bit drier.

Q. Are you happy with what you go out of those eight holes or would you have preferred a little bit more? Did you think you could have got more?
TIGER WOODS: I certainly thought I could have maybe got a couple more out of it, but I didn't. I think right now we're just on the opposite side of the split, so quick turnaround, get some food and off we go.

Q. What do you expect out of this golf course, a little fire this afternoon?
TIGER WOODS: Ish. I don't think that's going to be obviously that quick. There's no wind drying them out. Obviously they have the SubAirs on, but there's no wind. With it as humid as it is right now, with no wind, they're still going to be receptive, but they'll get quicker, but certainly nothing like what we've had in the past.

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