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November 14, 2020

Marc Leishman

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How did it go out there?
MARC LEISHMAN: Yeah, made the cut. It was obviously a pretty disappointing finish, to finish bogey, double. Doubled the first, doubled the last. It's tough to shoot a good score when you do that. But I'm playing good, and hopefully I can get hot on the weekend and shoot a couple of really low ones, which I think are out there.

Q. When you think about your memories of previous Masters and the things that you can use this week, what would be the main things?
MARC LEISHMAN: Well, I mean, you don't have to play perfect golf. You can make mistakes, but I think I've had two doubles in one round is not good. It's going to be tough to get back from that. I guess, yeah, you've just got to hit it in the right positions. If you get yourself out of position, even if it's soft like it is, it's going to be tough. Got to hit the fairways and try and get the putter hot.

Q. You've done well in majors in general, and you've done well here. Do you think the weekend will give you more momentum?
MARC LEISHMAN: I hope so, yeah. I haven't been playing my best golf recently, but I feel like this week has been a turnaround, so I feel like I'm striking the ball as well as I have for a long time, and yeah, hope I can get a spark lit and a couple of low 60s will probably be needed, but I think they're out there.

Q. Is that what you do now, just go shake off that finish, get it out of your system, rest a little bit and come back?
MARC LEISHMAN: Try and do that. Yeah, try and loosen up a little bit. I was stiff this morning.

Q. Just because it was a little chillier?
MARC LEISHMAN: I don't know what it was. I felt really good the last two days and then I was just a little stiff this morning. Not that that's an excuse, but just wasn't getting through it the way I would like. Yeah, try and loosen the body up, go home for a little bit and try and reset. Yeah, it was a pretty disappointing finish.

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