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November 14, 2020

Lin Yuxin

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Just sum up your experience the second time around, how you're a different player, and how it felt differently?
YUXIN LIN: I felt like it was a great experience for me, definitely different than the first one, especially without all the spectators out here. It feels different. I feel like I've gotten better throughout the last two years. So I feel like I'm a different player than two years ago. Still, there's a lot of room for improvements in the future, yeah.

Q. Did you have homework?
YUXIN LIN: I did. Actually, I just broke my laptop yesterday. So I don't know how that's going to go.

Q. How did you manage to do that?
YUXIN LIN: I don't know. I was just doing homework, and it just kind of crashed. I think something fell off from the inside, and it's kind of unfortunate because it's actually finals week coming up. It's tough.

Q. You have a paper or something like that?
YUXIN LIN: A couple of papers, not just one.

Q. After you finished play and before you went to bed?

Q. Wow, so how much sleep did you get before you came out here?
YUXIN LIN: Like six or seven. It wasn't great.

Q. What was your favorite memory this week, when you go home and people ask you about the week?
YUXIN LIN: I would say it's just the overall week. I enjoyed every moment out here. I wouldn't say there's one moment that's better than the other. I really enjoyed myself throughout the week here.

Q. Did you stay in the Crow's Nest?
YUXIN LIN: Yeah, I actually stayed here last night.

Q. So you were here last night?

Q. What was that experience like?
YUXIN LIN: It was great. You can feel the tradition there with all of the great players that stayed here before. You can feel it. It's just an amazing vibe.

Q. Is that your first time staying there?
YUXIN LIN: Yeah, it's actually my first time. I didn't get the chance to stay there in 2018.

Q. Was it weird being there alone? I guess like the camaraderie, like the bond of all the amateurs together for this year didn't happen.
YUXIN LIN: Yeah, it's a little different. I was kind of alone in there, but I still like enjoyed myself up there. As you know, it's an odd year, and it's hard to get more amateurs in the same room.

Q. What did you have for dinner?
YUXIN LIN: I had a short rib. It was really good. With a pecan pie for dessert.

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