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November 13, 2020

Jon Rahm

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Talk about your position to start out, like right there.
JON RAHM: Yeah, I think the key this morning was patience. You see a lot of people making birdies out there and finishing strong, and I was quickly six shots back of the lead, and you get a little‑‑ you can try to start trying too hard and trying to make up too many shots early on, and to me the key was patience to try to put myself in good spots. Had some moments where I made a good putt on 4, actually a really good par putt on 3, kind of gave me a little confidence, that good putt on 4, and just kind of kept hitting good shot after good shot and never really putting myself much out of position, really, and I think that was the key out there.
A little bonus birdie on 12. First ever in competition, so I was really happy about that. And just lucky after the mistake off the tee on 13, I could play from there on well and give myself a chance for birdie to start the day off in the right way tomorrow.

Q. I'm not sure if you've looked at the leaderboard, but DJ is up there, J.T.; this tournament always seems to deliver the names. I wondered what you thought about that.
JON RAHM: Well, I'm not worried that they're there. I've been looking at their names all day.
I think the fact that it is the last event of the year that a lot of us are going to play, I think it's a big factor. It's the last major of the year. We all want to finish the year in style and strong, and I think that's it, honestly. I don't know what to say.
It's a golf course where you need to be good off the tee. You need to be good with the irons. Pretty much every part of your game needs to be really, really good, which usually is going to favor the better players. There's no surprise why the better players usually are up there in this tournament. I'm just thankful I'm playing good this year. Put in some good rounds early going on, and I'm still not done. I have six ‑‑ five and a quarter holes to play, and hopefully I can finish strong as I've been playing the last two days.

Q. You probably saw today where guys finished up rounds and just kept momentum going. I know it makes for a long day, but do you look forward to tomorrow being a marathon day so you can get on one of those runs?
JON RAHM: Well, I don't know because I don't know how much we're going to have to wait. I haven't heard anything. I don't know if it's going to be split tees, if it's going to be threesomes off of 1. It all depends.
This morning was a little different for them because I'm pretty sure they already knew how much time they were going to have in between, which wasn't much. It was kind of just keep it going and you can keep that momentum on.
You're also re‑pairing tomorrow. So we'll see. Whether you like it or not, it is what it is. I think as golfers the key word is being adjustable, and that's what we have to do.
Yesterday wasn't the easiest day and I was able to adjust to the day and have a good round, and tomorrow should be the same day, at the end of the day. It's 36 or 31 holes, just over 31 holes to win the Masters, so that's what I have in mind, and try to play the best 31 holes I can play.

Q. Were you involved in the search for Bryson's ball at all?
JON RAHM: Which one?

Q. The first one.
JON RAHM: On 3, yeah, we were involved in the search. I know they found it afterwards, but we must have been close. I mean, when you have Bryson hitting it as hard as he hits it, it's kind of hooking with not much spin into a soft area, that ball was‑‑ we were all confident it was pretty buried and it was going to be hard to find.
It's unfortunate that the rules of golf don't let you kind of figure out it's somewhere there and keep playing, and he had to re‑tee, and I know that affected him a little bit because he didn't play his best golf after that. But he's a fighter and he's showing it. It was just unfortunate.

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