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November 13, 2020

Tommy Fleetwood

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How do you feel after the game today?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Obviously, very, very happy. Came out this morning, it was an early start, and you knew it was going to be a long day. So I wasn't‑‑ I wasn't playing great straight off the bat this morning and made like a couple of like really sort of weak bogeys. Then managed to birdie 8 and 9, which were my last two holes of the first round, which leaves you with a little bit of a boost.
We had a quick turnaround, hit 10, 15 balls, just working on something. Then even the start to that, I actually had a good score going, but I wasn't playing great. Granted, I was putting really well, surviving a little bit, and then it was funny really, as soon as I made the turn, not thinking to‑‑ you know, I just kept on playing and stuff, but then it seemed like I had a chance and actually played really, really well for that back nine.
Again, to finish the round with a birdie, it just puts a nice little different, positive spin on it.

Q. Was there a moment where it's kind of clicking and the round kind of changed?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: No, I don't think so. I think I just kept going. You know, around this course, whether you're playing well or not, you can never switch off at any point anyway, and you just have to keep hitting golf shots. You know, it just happened to sort of, without realizing, to be honest, I just started a stretch of holes where I hit some really good, strong shots.
Just felt like I had a really good run of chances, which in a way is what you want to do. You just want to grind the course down that way.
Still, you know, it sped up today. It was quicker. It was getting a bit firmer, but it was still pretty receptive into the greens. I guess, if there's a time to make the most of it, it's got to be now.

Q. Does it feel good to kind of get going?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It feels very good to be done.

Q. And you don't have to deal with this tomorrow. Does it feel good you've got two rounds in going into the weekend?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah. Like I say, you just knew it was going to be quite a long day today, just up early, and then without getting much‑‑ you know, it was 25 minutes from the time we sort of signed the cards to teeing off again. So we didn't have any kind of break, so you're kept going. So it's been a pretty longish day. I'm pretty happy to now sit and watch everybody else do it for a bit.

Q. Tommy, how do you feel about your position heading into the weekend?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: I mean, I'd have taken it before I started. There's two days of golf to go, but I think you can only take it one step at a time. For now, you know, I don't even know what the leaders are on, but I know I'm doing all right.
Yeah, happy. Played some really good golf, which is confidence boosting. Putted really well and in a really good position really moving into the weekend.

Q. After missing so much time during golf shutdown, how do you feel your game's kind of progressed?
TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It's been a tricky one. I haven't played anywhere near where I'd like to play. I felt like, if you used the 2020 PGA TOUR season, it was a disappointment at best, but it's been a strange year. It's been a strange year. I've had some great spells, but I've had some poor ones, and at the moment, I feel like I'm doing good things. I felt like I played really well today, and that's kind of what I expected.
We'll see what turns up over the weekend. I feel like my game is in a good place. It's nice to have my coach out. It's nice to have my wife out, just some familiar things that haven't always been there this year, so kind of in a comfortable spot.

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