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November 13, 2020

Dylan Frittelli

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Talk about your day.
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Interesting day. Obviously, I knew we were going to play about 27 holes. Got off to a nice start that first nine holes, back nine of the second round‑‑ or first round, sorry.
Then my start was a little surprising, started bogey, bogey, which was pretty bad, but held it together from there. I guess in the end I'm pretty happy with the day's play.

Q. Last night we talked to you after you hit your drive. Where did you find your drive?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, it was through the fairway about 20 yards in the trees. Luckily, I had a gap to go under and over the tree. Hit a cool pitching wedge out of there to about 20 feet and made it. That was a nice start at 7:30 in the morning.

Q. You've been working hard on your fitness and gained some speed and everything. On days like this that are long days and a hard walk, does it benefit you?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, for sure. I don't feel anything right now. I'm a little tired. I'll have to see my physio, Nic Catterall and ask him if we're doing a workout or doing some speed drills or something, but I'll definitely get in some exercise this afternoon.

Q. I actually was going to say, is it a ShotLink a difference, or have you actually gained just an absolute ton of yards in the last few months?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: It's probably‑‑ I think I just hacked the ShotLink system and managed to change all the numbers. That's probably what it is, right? No, I've picked up five or six miles per hour on the driver, so that's in about two, three months now. So I made some changes, been working out really well, and actually hitting those tee shots with intention now.
It's kind of fun out there. It's really made the game more enjoyable for me. See, Phil over the last year, two years, and say, oh, I'm hitting bombs and stuff, and he's having fun. It actually is really fun.

Q. Do you have any rituals or traditions, golf superstitions?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: No, not really. I have routines, obviously a warmup routine and stuff like that. Maybe the only one is when I tee off‑‑ I've got a Triple Track line on my Callaway golf ball, so I always have to hide that because I feel like the lines are going to push me in that direction.

Q. Have you gone with a longer driver now?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, I've got a 46‑inch shaft now. Slightly longer than my old one.

Q. Any reason you want to carry that longer club?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Yeah, it goes longer. More club head speed, goes further. I never tried it until the first Vegas event this year, and it was, I mean, three miles faster than my driver just on a standard swing. When I really get after it, it goes even further.

Q. What other changes have you made?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: I'm not sure I can give all of them away.

Q. You got to have some.
DYLAN FRITTELLI: It's a year and a half of serious training with Nic Catterall, my physio and strength and conditioning coach. We've done a lot of strength and power work, a lot of Olympic lifts, and I've become much stronger over the last two years. We had a sitdown at the end of last season, and I basically said to him, I'm way stronger. Why am I not hitting it further?
So we kind of came up with a plan, and a slightly longer driver was part of it, but then also doing some speed training. Strength, power, that's cool, but if you don't use that to create speed on the driver, it's pointless. So we did a lot of that the last two, three months now, and I've managed to pick up five, six miles on my driver.

Q. What kind of exercise does that entail?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: Just your general strength and conditioning stuff, power cleans, back squat, Bulgarian split squat, just standard Olympic lifts, and then a lot of accessory stuff with kettle balls and bands and levers and stuff.
But, yeah, I'm just way stronger than I was two years ago. So I'm able to handle the speed. That's the cool thing. You can do the speed training, and that's what he explained to me. It helps to do that, but if you don't have the strength and you can't keep your coordination and your timing, all that is worthless because you're going to be way offline.

Q. How much longer do you think you can get to?
DYLAN FRITTELLI: I think I can probably get to 130 club speed. I'm sitting at about 123 to 125 right now. I figure five miles an hour, if I work with Callaway, get the right driver in my hands‑‑ maybe go a little longer in the shaft. I tried a 48, but it's crazy. It's a little too wayward. I'll try and step that up next year maybe and see where we go.

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