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November 13, 2020

Justin Rose

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Describe the long day for you.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, a long day, but I guess what we did today, the other half of the wave have to do tomorrow. They're going to have to play maybe five, six, seven holes to start up tomorrow, so yeah, it's kind of nice to have it done to be honest with you, nice to have 36 holes completed by Friday and focus on the weekend.

Q. Does that make it a little bit more normal, getting back into it, the way you would normally play the last 36?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, the 5:00 alarm call that was this morning, it's nice not to have to face that again tomorrow, get some recovery. Definitely it's a long walk around here, especially being soft. I think 27 holes is doable. When you start having to play 30 holes around this golf course, it starts to‑‑ I've done that before around here, and it is definitely a long walk for sure.

Q. How would you describe how you played today?
JUSTIN ROSE: It was a fight. I felt like I struggled a little bit with my body today. I felt a bit tight; my hips, my back wasn't feeling great today, so it was a bit of a grind. I felt like I lost a bit of distance off the tee. But worked hard. You know, I birdied three of my last four to sort of salvage the round. To start at 5, 5 on 10 and 11, which is not a disaster, but it's not the start you're looking for, obviously.
Yeah, so it was a tricky start to my round. Didn't make the most of the par‑5s on the back, 13 and 15. Made 5s there. Made a lot of 5s basically starting my round today. But like I said, worked hard and got something out of it.

Q. Do you feel like the game is trending, coming around to where you want it to be?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I'm still probably‑‑ I don't know, I feel like I'm at 60 percent, but I know how to manage my way around here, so if that's the case I can still maybe do something this weekend even at that, but I'm hoping each day I can get a little bit better. I'm feeling way more comfortable. I have a plan of what I'm trying to work on, and yeah, just got to be patient with it, but it's coming.

Q. You've called this week one of the weeks that you appreciate the most, this week of the year, the Masters. What did you expect from yourself the last couple days?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I mean, I feel like I'm in great position going into the weekend. I feel like it's a golf course‑‑ especially at the moment you can kind of be on the front foot, and I think that's good for me right now. I think with where my game is at and how I feel, it would be nice to kind of go out there and try to play positive golf, start looking for those birdies, start to try to chase down the leaders and get the juices flowing. I haven't been in contention that much this year, which I've missed, so yeah, looking forward to the opportunity of feeling that.

Q. You've played so well here and you've put yourself in contention. Do you feel like one is coming here?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, for sure, maybe. Yeah, if I look back at the final round with Jordan there were a couple moments, sort of 8 and 9, I remember there was a big momentum swing, but I felt right in that tournament all the way. Even 16 and 17 there were still moments where I felt like I could make birdie, he could make bogey and I was right there. And then again, Sergio, that was a coin toss, really. I played great there. We both had putts on 18 to essentially win it.
Yeah, so I've done all the right things down the stretch here and don't have an arm in a jacket yet. Maybe one arm, but that doesn't count. Yeah, I think, like you said, it doesn't owe you anything, right, but if it was to happen, I feel like there's some dues that have been paid maybe, so we'll just have to see what happens.

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