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November 13, 2020

Sungjae Im

Augusta, Georgia

SUNGJAE IM: This is my first Masters appearance. I did play in other Majors previously, and I think it was a valuable experience being able to play in those events. So I really feel like I'm prepared this week.

Q. How will you relax the next couple of days?
SUNGJAE IM: I played 28 holes today, so I have to be honest, I'm a bit tired. But I want to rest up and get ready for the weekend.

Q. Did you feel like the course suited you well the first time you played here in the practice round?
SUNGJAE IM: I played 18 holes Monday when I got here, but I did feel like this course suited my style of game. I just approached the tournament with confidence.

Q. What's your first memory of the Masters, watching it?
SUNGJAE IM: The most memorable Masters moment is the Tiger Woods chip shot on No.16.

Q. So you're going to close on a house soon in the U.S.? Why the Atlanta area?
SUNGJAE IM: I really feel comfortable in Atlanta. It's an easy in and out of the city when I have to move from tournament to tournament. There's also a decent Koreatown where I can grab food and feel comfortable. That's why I'm moving there.

Q. Speaking of food, have you had the pimento cheese sandwich yet?
SUNGJAE IM: I haven't had it yet, but I did hear about it.

Q. This is a remote question. Would a win this week make you exempt from mandatory military service in South Korea, or would you still have to win an Olympic medal?
SUNGJAE IM: As far as I know, the Masters does not make me exempt for the military. It's only a medal in the Olympics.

Q. Did you originally follow your mother to the golf course the first time you went to pick up a club, and is she a good player?
SUNGJAE IM: I believe I was 4 years old when I followed my mom to the golf course and held my first golf club in my hand. I immediately fell in love to the game, and here I am.
Since I've started playing golf, she's actually started.

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