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November 13, 2020

Adam Scott

Augusta, Georgia

ADAM SCOTT: Obviously, it was a long day out on the course. I kind of felt like I did better than what my score showed. I don't know why, I just didn't get it in gear. Maybe a couple of trickier pins, and I hit average shots on the wrong ones.
Yeah, it's hard for me to put a finger on it. It feels okay. I could have driven a little straighter probably, but I managed to get away with most of the crooked drives. Around the turn, lost my momentum. I didn't get it up and down on 18, and one bogey, you can bounce back pretty quick from that. Two can take a while sometimes in a major.

Q. You're in the running for worst break of the day. Talk about what happened on 15, your reaction to that?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, the first mistake was not getting the first ball over the water well enough. Unfortunately, I think we hit the wrong club there, but then compound that with a bad break. It was a good shot. I mean, I think I was making a par and ended up making a good double. I've seen that happen before on the 15th hole. I was nervous then when I was hitting my sixth shot because the 6 can turn to 8, and it can spiral really out of control.
I was happy to make a double, but it's such a momentum killer. Not so much the bad break, but if I'd managed to make a 4 there and be 5 under for the tournament, you know, the momentum is really going, and you just never know. And after that, I've just kind of stayed put.

Q. How did the conditions change over those eight hours that you were out there?
ADAM SCOTT: They're pretty good. I mean, I think the moisture's coming up out of the greens mostly. To be fair, the fairways have been holding up really good considering how much rain there had been. You know, greens with the field trampling over them all day long, they're starting to show a little wear and tear, and I think it's just that moisture getting sucked up out of them by the sun now. A few little bounces, and it's not quite as easy to be confident with those putts.

Q. How is the first cut playing differently than in years past?
ADAM SCOTT: You'd have to say it's probably‑‑ it seems to be getting a little longer every year, but this year will be the longest. I mean, you could maybe call it close to three inches, but it's fairly thin still maybe because it's early in the overseed. Still very playable. I think it's quite a good length actually. While the greens are soft, it's okay.

Q. Is it drying out there in the longer grass, or is it still pretty wet?
ADAM SCOTT: It's really only the lowest point, you know, and there aren't too many of them that you'd be looking to hit it into. Most of the low points are kind of areas where you walk between greens and tees. It's generally drying out very well, I have to say.

Q. Is it kind of a proper penalty for an errant drive?
ADAM SCOTT: Normally, I'd say yes, it would be because you're just losing that bit of control, and on a firmer green, you've got some difficult decisions to make on how you're going to manage to get it on the green or keep it on the green. It's a little more straightforward out there at the moment. The greens are pretty soft.

Q. Adam, do you follow any golf superstitions at all, any rituals that you have out there?
ADAM SCOTT: I've really tried to not be superstitious because, not all professional golfers, but certainly a lot of us have similar personality traits. I'd say obsessive‑compulsive behavior is one of them. If you start with too many superstitions, it will be ruling my life. So I really don't have one other than I've used the same pitchfork every round of my professional career. So God help me if I lose it.

Q. Where is it? Where did you get it? What makes it so special?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't know. I got it from Rio Secco Golf Club in Las Vegas about 22 years ago or something.

Q. When you look at how the greens seem to be a little bit soft this year, are there any putts from memory, sort of that institutional knowledge, that just don't do what you remember them doing?
ADAM SCOTT: I think it's the big swingers that‑‑ I'll just pick one. On 14, if you're left of the hole, down to the right pin, it's like the 90 degree turn, and you putt it out there, and it just goes 90. They're just not moving, even 9. When you're on the wrong level, you can actually kind of putt them without being so scared at the moment. They're breaking less because they're a little slower.
You know, it's probably freeing everyone up a little bit firing in there. I'm just getting a lot of pin numbers and try and drop it right there.

Q. Adam, with no patrons, what kind of different distractions does it bring? Is it odd to see people moving 100 yards away, or are you still locked in?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I think we've kind of gotten used to it. Obviously, the odd person walking at the wrong time, but that always seems to happen occasionally at a golf tournament. It is funny with no ropes as the occasional wanderer just checking the fairways out.
No, it's obviously far less distractions going on. I mean, no roars on other holes and things like that at inopportune times to put you off. There's not really any excuses I can come up with for any bad golf out here.

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