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November 13, 2020

John Augenstein

Augusta, Georgia

Q. (On his satisfaction with his play.)
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: I think at the start I would have said yes, but kind of when you get into playing some good golf, you know you kind of would like to shoot a little lower, and I know I had the opportunity. I would say I kind of got away with a few my first nine on the back, but overall just didn't drive it very well over these 36 holes, which is abnormal for me, so I just need to kind of work a few things out and be ready to go tomorrow.

Q. Is that a good thing or a bad thing that you didn't drive it well and you're still‑‑
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, I think it's a great thing. You know, driving is not usually something I have to worry about, and so I'm very kind of encouraged to shoot what I did because I was able to kind ofjust kind of squeeze a few out there, kind of a lot of choked‑up drivers, just trying to cruise a few into the fairway. I don't think there's anything really wrong, it's just a comfort standpoint. I just didn't feel like I could really release the ball and see it still cut, because I like to move my driver a little left to right, and I didn't want to feel like I'm holding it off to do that. I just need to kind of probably hit a few, and I'll be ready to go tomorrow.

Q. You started on 13 this morning?

Q. What was it like to wait a long time to get here and you're up to 13 and they call you off the course‑‑
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Absolutely. So I elected to putt out on 12 last night, had a makeable putt and just hit it a little too firm. I was excited to come out and be hitting a full shot rather than a putt, for whatever reason. There's really no rhyme or reason behind it, but it's just what I wanted to do. I played 13 very well. I caught my 4‑iron just a touch thin coming into the green, and it kind of hit the bank on the left and went into a little collection area. It was a great spot to chip from, had a good lie, tons of green to work with and just kind of a funnel that was running down to the hole. So I kind of knew‑‑ I didn't expect necessarily to make it, but I kind of knew if I got it started on the right kind of line with the right spin, it would‑‑ I'd have to do something wrong to not get it decently close. So it just came off perfect and then caught the right lip.

Q. Overnight, knowing that that's going to be your first hole, did you look forward to that?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, to be honest, I didn't really think too much about golf once I left the course. The titans were playing last night, and being from Nashville I go to a lot of games, so I was excited to watch them on Thursday Night Football, so I watched a little bit of that and just kind of went to bed.

Q. What's it like for your family to watch you playing here?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, I think my parents are very proud and very excited to be here and to watch. I think they're a lot of the time more nervous than I am, but no, they're having a great time, and we're having a great week.

Q. What was the goal at the beginning of the week? Was it to make the cut?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, you know, we had a couple goals‑‑

Q. And now that you have, what's the goal now?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: It's not done yet. There's still a big wave out there, but I would assume I'm in a pretty decent spot. Yeah, making the cut was goal number one and then to win low am would be goal number two, and trying to get in contention I would say would be goal number three. We did a really good job of that through 33 holes, and I hit as bad of a shot I can remember on 7 there to get into the position that I did, and kind of compounded that with a few other mistakes.
I've just got to be a little better mentally tomorrow with some of the decisions I'm making and just kind of being a little more confident going into some shots. But yeah, I think so far, it's been a solid couple days. You know, as the golf course kind of changes and gets a little firmer, I'm excited to get out there and get rolling again.

Q. You know the history of amateurs here, guys who have come through here. What would it mean to put your namewith theirs?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, all the amateurs who come to play in the Masters, it's an incredible experience I know, and I've had an amazing one, as well. A lot of those guys that played in this tournament are now playing again as professionals, and so that's where I want to be, and hopefully sooner rather than later, so it's definitely encouraging to be here and be playing well.

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