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November 13, 2020

John Augenstein

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Were you able to get some momentum for the afternoon?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, so we were on 12 green and I elected to putt out last night because I'd rather have a 3‑wood off a tee than an eight‑foot birdie putt to come out of the gate. I don't know, I just felt more comfortable putting out last night, and so it was definitely different. I mean, I think when you're in the middle of the kind of rhythm of the round, 13 seems a bit easier, but coming out of the gate with a tight tee shot and a 4‑ or 5‑iron off a side‑hill lie can be tough. I got off to a great start and just kind of made pars coming down the stretch, so it was good.

Q. Take us through 13; what did you have in there?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, I think I had 215 and kind of with just the heavy air this morning, I decided to kind of choke down on a 4‑iron a little bit, and caught it a touch thin, kind of hitting to the left bank there and rolled back into the little collection area. It was really a pretty straightforward chip. Obviously you never know you're going to make it, but I felt pretty good about getting it up‑and‑down and just kind of came off right and caught the right edge and went in.

Q. As good as that one felt, how important were the up‑and‑down par saves at 14 and 17?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: Yeah, I would say so. I think those are just really big for momentum to kind of save par there. I didn't really come out hitting it that great this morning, so I kind of had to scramble a little bit. I'd like to hit it a little better this afternoon and make it a little easier on myself.

Q. What do you expect from this course this afternoon?
JOHN AUGENSTEIN: I'd expect the greens to get a little firmer. They were definitely faster this morning. I mean, I would just expect the golf course to firm up a little bit. It's going to be warm this afternoon and no rain for the next three days it looks like. So I would imagine it gets a little tougher each day. Pleased with how I played but left some out there but also made a couple, so just excited to get going again this afternoon or this morning.

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