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November 12, 2020

Andy Ogletree

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Rough start. Was it nerves?
ANDY OGLETREE: Yeah, I just didn't really have control. Been waiting for this moment for a month now. I just think I'm putting too much pressure on myself. I three‑putted the first hole from just off the fringe, and that kind of got to me. Bounced back, made a good putt on 2‑‑ I mean, on 11. Sorry. And just flushed the 9 iron on 12 and hit it ten yards too far. I thought the wind was hurting, it was helping.
Watching TV all those years, you always hear people talk about the wind swirls down there, and now I know what they're talking about. So I got in a really bad spot there. Bogey was probably the best I was going to do. Unfortunately, left it in the bunker and actually landed in my footprint. So not ideal, but a tough start on 13.
Other than that, I felt really good coming in. I was proud of how I fought.

Q. Anything that you point your finger on why you were able to let that go and keep going?
ANDY OGLETREE: I mean, I was talking to my caddie. Let's just hit one good shot at a time. I flushed one on 14 right at it. Came up short, but I hit a good shot, and I was like, all right, keep stacking good shots. I hit a really good shot on 15, made a birdie. Everything kind of went away, and I started playing golf and focusing on the next shot and trying to execute.

Q. What was it like when you had the honor‑‑ you know that there's a guy (inaudible)?
ANDY OGLETREE: Yeah, it was cool. I can't imagine what it's normally like with all the big crowds and stuff, but I definitely had a lot of nerves. You have that feeling in your gut that it's finally here. You dream of having moments like that, and you look forward‑‑ as a competitor, you look forward to having those feelings. I hope that I never get rid of those. I think nerves are good. If you can control it and channel it the right way, it can help you.
Yeah, it was hard to even get the ball to balance on the tee. I was super nervous. I striped it, and it felt awesome.

Q. Have you ever met Tiger before today?
ANDY OGLETREE: Yeah, I met him at a junior tournament. I came to the Junior Invitational at Sage Valley. He was the guest. It was sponsored by Nike, so he did like a little clinic and played some ping pong with all of us. It was just really brief like, hey, I'm Andy, I'm Tiger, that kind of thing. I never really had a lot of conversation with him.

Q. Seeing it up close, what are your impressions of him and his game seeing it up close? Did you learn anything, pick up anything?
ANDY OGLETREE: He's just very intense. He takes every shot very seriously and hits every shot with a lot of integrity. I think he just has a focus level that's unmatched out here, I think. No shot goes unthought about. Every shot has a plan, and he executed really well, bogey‑free, I think. Super good to watch, see how he kind of hits the draws in some of the greens and fades into the others.
Sometimes there was some wind up there, and he'd kind of hold against it. Something you can't really see on TV, but I could kind of tell what he was trying to do, and he seemed to be in control of his golf ball.

Q. How do you think you'll just remember the first round, with Tiger being part of it too? That must be pretty cool for you.
ANDY OGLETREE: I don't know how I'll remember it, but it was definitely a special day. I grew up idolizing Tiger and watching a lot of‑‑ pretty much every time he was in position, I was watching growing up. So just to be playing with him is awesome.
I'm sure I'll have a lot of pictures from today and a lot of keepsakes. I can't wait to talk to everybody, all my friends back home and see what they all have to say and stuff like that. I mean, I'll definitely remember today.

Q. You want to hear what they say? I'm sure they're going to want to hear what you say.
ANDY OGLETREE: I'm sure. I probably have a lot of text messages to respond to.

Q. (Inaudible)?
ANDY OGLETREE: Yeah, Crow's Nest last night was awesome. I was so amped up, I didn't want to go to sleep. I had to find a way to go to sleep. Just put my phone down, turned it off‑‑ not turn it off. Put it on airplane mode so the alarm would still go off‑‑ like I wasn't going to wake up. It was super cool. Hearing everyone coming in and out of the champions locker room this morning, you can kind of hear a lot from up there.
When I cut the lights off last night, there's pictures of the clubhouse at night, and it always has the light on, and when I cut it off last night, everything went black, and I felt like that would be really cool to see from out here. You just feel like you're part of history up there.
Tiger and I were actually talking about it today walking down one of the fairways. And he was asking me how was the Crow's Nest? I wish I could stay up there. He was telling me cool stories about his experience back in the day. It's pretty neat.

Q. When you're finished, what's the feeling though? Are you happy with the round?
ANDY OGLETREE: They tell me I shot 1 over today. I'm pretty disappointed. I have high expectations. I felt like I was playing good golf coming in. 1 over isn't exactly what I was looking for, but if you'd had told me I was 4 over through four and shot 1 over, I'd probably be pretty pleased.
So I'm just happy with the way I fought. I feel like I've got some good momentum going. Hopefully carry that into tomorrow and play some good golf tomorrow.

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