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November 12, 2020

Charles Howell III

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Can you talk about the conditions? Can you talk about how long it seemed with the play out that long?
CHARLES HOWELL III: So I'm surprised at how dry the fairways are, really surprised. With all the rain we got overnight, this morning, because we teed off before the delay. Now the greens are soft, and as sitting for 2020, this might be the softest we see the greens at Augusta National ever. We can hear the nice hum of the SubAirs, and I think come Saturday, they're going to be back firm again.
For the weather conditions for this time of year, for all things in, the golf course is awesome. The temperatures we're having‑‑ it could be cold this time of year. All things considered, I think it's about as good as you can get for a day to start the Masters.
Sadly without fans, but all things in, I don't know that you could find a better day.

Q. What was the experience playing here without the patrons?
CHARLES HOWELL III: I've been fortunate, growing up and whatnot, to play out here a few times apart from the Masters, and that kind of brought me back to those days. I wish I would have had some of the local caddies for the banter we had back then.
Listen, this is Augusta National. There are no bad days out here, and without the grandstands, without all that, people can see and appreciate it. There's different angles and different layouts and different ways you can play a hole now. Yeah, there are no bad days here.

Q. Was it hard to get going again after the break? You wake up super early, get here, and then have to sit.
CHARLES HOWELL III: When you're old like me, it's easy to get up early. That's kind of a normal morning. It's about dinnertime now. Yes, it just‑‑ this year keeps giving it to us. It just keeps getting more awkward.
Listen, when we teed off this morning, there was a chance, though, the storms could start to sit or whatever. We had no problems teeing off when we did. We'll just break, eat breakfast again, and get going.

Q. (Inaudible).
CHARLES HOWELL III: No, it's a nice mix of everything. 16, they use the front pin on 16, which some years they do, some years they don't. There's a hole location. (Inaudible). The up key on 4, but I'm quite sure tomorrow it will be all the way on the back. The hole still plays 180 yards from the tee.
I think the thing‑‑ as difficult as firm greens are to adjust to, especially when you expect it, equally so when you get really soft greens. You're having to play some different shots on the holes that you're not quite used to doing. So while we've alwaysassumed it's easier, to try to take a percent off iron shots. So I think it's just different. The one thing, and maybe the only thing that gets guys out here is when things are different, and today was one of those days.

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