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November 12, 2020

Patrick Reed

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Patrick, can you just talk about the course conditions today and sort of how you found it playing.
PATRICK REED: It definitely was wet. But with how much rain they've had throughout the past couple nights and also how much rain they've had today, the golf course held up really nicely. At the same time, it's nothing you would expect. I mean, any time you come on this property, whether it's hot, whether it's cold, whether it's raining, whether it's dry, it always seems to be in perfectly shape.
They definitely have figured that out, and I expected it to be a lot softer out there on the fairways, and this afternoon it seemed to dry out nicely.

Q. And how did it feel out there without patrons?
PATRICK REED: Oh, it felt really weird, obviously, like especially playing in this place without any fans. It's one of those that it now allowed out through the trees to see parts of the golf course that you normally don't see, but if I had my way, I would definitely prefer fans here. They're definitely missed. It would be nice for them to be here to experience a Christmas Masters.

Q. Can you give us an example of how soft it was and some of the clubs that you were hitting and that you wouldn't have hit otherwise?
PATRICK REED: There's no holes. Number 10, you didn't really see much difference because instead of landing it kind of into the hill and kind of letting it go down there, I just hit driver to slow down to the bottom, but after that it seemed to play a lot softer to me.
The drive on 13, I hit, covered in mud, but from there I hit a flat 6 iron that released the ball to within a foot. On 7, normally the ball lands in the fairway and bounces up on top of the hill. So you kind of normally hit a 9 iron from there, and I hit the 7 iron. Same thing kind of on 18. If you get the correct wind with the driver on 18, I hit cut driver off the tee. That was the difference between 8 and 9 iron. So that front pin is basically the same distance off but on the right side today, and it was a soft 6.
So you sit there, and it just puts a premium on kind of mid to long iron and being able to hack, and then you have to be able to control the spin because you get some wedge shots into the green, and if you don't dead arm them or you don't control the spin and just rip it, the ball won't stop. The greens are really soft, and, yes, they're slower than they normally are, but they're still fast enough that, if you get the ball on the ridge, it's going to keep on going and won't stop.
I think that's just the biggest thing. Being able to attack the golf course, and you feel like this year you're a little more on offense, especially today because the wind was down and it's softer. But at the same time, you miss it in the wrong spot, it's still very hard to almost impossible to come back.

Q. I was going to say, with the greens so receptive, you find yourself being more aggressive?
PATRICK REED: You definitely find yourself being more aggressive and attacking more flags. If you're on, you're going to light the place up. But if you're off a hair and you're on the wrong side of some slopes, you're still struggling to get up and down and try to make par and kind of eliminate the mistakes.

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