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November 12, 2020

Webb Simpson

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Talk about the start to the round.
WEBB SIMPSON: Feels like a long day. Out here at 5:00 this morning. We knew we were going to battle some storms, but ended up being a little longer, I think, than I was thinking.
Solid back nine, hit a bunch of good shots, didn't really make any putts. Then a nice chip‑in on 1. A nice 5 wood, I hit it in two to about six feet for eagle, my first eagle there, I think, on 2. All in all really solid. I got in trouble on 7 and 9, but managed to get up and down and make pars there. I normally don't start this well here, so I'm really happy.

Q. The rounds you played late last year sort of changed your attitude, I guess, or approach. Can you talk about what that's done for you?
WEBB SIMPSON: So we just started playing a little more conservative. I feel like I'm a pretty conservative golfer as it is, but I didn't feel like I was giving some of these greens and approach shots enough credit for how severe the short side can be. So we just shifted a little bit of our focus to kind of being ultra‑safe and know that there's four par 5s, I'm going to have birdie opportunities. And when I did that, I started shooting better scores, making more birdies.

Q. What did you hear out there? There's not a lot to hear out there.
WEBB SIMPSON: No, not much at all. I chipped in on 1, no claps. Normally, there would be a nice roar. 2 would have been a nice roar. But we were just talking out there. It's so nice‑‑ we're so thankful to be here. You know, it's not the normal Masters that we're used to, but still way better than not having one, so we're really happy that it's going on.

Q. Why do you think you thrived on the par 5s here?
WEBB SIMPSON: I don't know. It's a good question. I've always loved the par 5s here. 13 is my favorite hole in the world. I do feel comfortable here. You know, 2 and 13 go left. I see that really, really well off the tee. Yeah, I just feel excited to get to those holes.

Q. Do you feel like you kind of flew in under the radar? Last year you were only two strokes back of Tiger. Were you able to take any of that momentum into this year?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I learned a lot last year. Kind of having a little disappointment not capitalizing a little more in that final round, but it was great to get the juices flowing on Sunday here. I love this place and always have. I've just never had the chance to win. So it felt good.
In a way, it kind of gets the monkey off my back to have a chance to win here since it never happened, and I felt very comfortable coming into this year, not putting pressure on myself. It's been a good solid year, but I felt like I had a lot more kind of bullets in my belt to come here and feel like I could win.

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