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November 12, 2020

Adam Hadwin

Augusta, Georgia

ADAM HADWIN: It was awful. The only thing that saved me was that I drove it well today. I was in position almost off of every tee. I only hit a couple bad drives, one on 5, but my iron play was just awful. Terrible. I'm not sure I hit one good iron shot today, at least one that I'm satisfied with. It's extremely disappointing. I thought this course was really gettable, obviously, with the softness, and then driving it as well as I did. I might have had two legitimate looks at birdie today, and I made one of them.

Q. Did you put extra pressure on yourself to try to go after it knowing it would be a little softer? And did you become uncomfortable?
ADAM HADWIN: No, I just hit it terrible. I have no trust in any golf shot with an iron right now. I'm as lost as I've ever been hitting the irons. Like I said, I'm hitting my driver well. I'm in a position now where I feel really comfortable with the driver, but for whatever reason I can't set up to the irons. I hit too many shots that are going where I'm not looking. I actually played some really good practice rounds, as well. Hit a lot of good iron shots in the practice rounds, working the golf ball both ways. It did what I wanted it to do. Just, again, I felt lost. I hit a couple off line on the front nine, just didn't do what I wanted to do, and then I just sort of started to question it a little bit, you start thinking, and next thing you know you're kind of missing everything.

Q. You talked about how hard on yourself you are, scrutinizing yourself almost to death. Is this the result of that same kind of thing?
ADAM HADWIN: I think so. No, I actually thought we did a really good job of keeping it simple out there today. It was much less overanalyzing than in past years. I think it made it a little bit easier with soft greens, as well. You know kind of exactly the yardage you need to fire to. You don't need to play bounces or anything. No, I mean, we kept it very simple. Yardages, targets, pick a shot and go. Just the shots didn't go where I wanted them to.

Q. How do you shake it off for tomorrow?
ADAM HADWIN: I go spend an hour on the range trying to figure it out.

Q. Long day?
ADAM HADWIN: It will turn out to be a bit of a long day, yeah, especially with some practice afterwards here. It is what it is. I think we were all expecting to be off a little bit longer than that even this morning. Forecast got a little better overnight, and it was nice to only have to re‑warm up once. I thought it might be a little bit more and the delay would be longer.

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