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November 12, 2020

Kevin Kisner

Augusta, Georgia

Q. I know it's a long golf course. Was it pretty much what you expected?
KEVIN KISNER: I thought they did a great job setting it up. They didn't put us all the way back on every hole. Played us up on 4. The greens were just so soft after all that rain. It was fun to have opportunities, not feel like you were hitting 3‑irons and hybrids into every hole. I thought the setup was great.

Q. How disruptive was it to hit one shot and then have to wait three hours?
KEVIN KISNER: They wouldn't have let us do that. It started raining right when we took off. Started out a little rough there. But all in all, the day turned out to be a beautiful day. It looked like July.

Q. How weird was it not having patrons out here when you finally got to the tournament?
KEVIN KISNER: No buzz, and tough to get the energy going like at the Masters where you get really amped up around the first tee and as you go throughout the day. It feels like you're out here preparing for a Masters, not really playing in a Masters.

Q. How was it to sort of try to rally yourself after that storm?
KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, had two good looks at par and I missed some putts. Knocked it eight feet by on 12 and made that for par, so that kind of got me going. Just really a tale of two nines. I hit it better on the back nine and scored worse, and hit it worse on the front nine and scored better. That tells you there's a lot of different facets of the game. I've never missed so many fairways as I did today at Augusta, and it's not really a first cut this year, it's more really rough, so I've got to get the ball in the fairway so I can attack pins.

Q. How do you think the scoring will be compared to guys that had to play early‑‑
KEVIN KISNER: I think they'll have a chance to see what the course is. We didn't get an opportunity to see what the greens were doing. I was shocked that I struggled with chipping and putting early because it rained, what, two inches before we even teed off, and not knowing what the conditions were going to play like. They've been sitting at home watching us play all day and have a pretty good idea what's been going on out there. I expect some low scores from guys this afternoon if the wind stays down.

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