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November 12, 2020

Lukas Michel

Augusta, Georgia

Q. First trip around here in competition. Tell us how you felt.
LUKAS MICHEL: Definitely didn't have any best today. My ball‑striking was fairly poor. Actually considering how bad I hit it, I probably got it around fairly respectably. Putted it nice, chipped it nice. There were some highlights, considering how my play was, but I'll definitely be hitting the range for a bit trying to figure out the driver. That was probably one of the worst ball‑striking days I've had in a while. But playing Augusta National my first time around, it was an awesome day and a good time.

Q. If you are going to birdie a hole, you picked a good one. Can you run us through that one?
LUKAS MICHEL: Yeah, well, I birdied 12. 12, probably hit the worst possible iron shot you can hit. It landed in the wood chips. Thankfully it kicked all the way down. I got quite a bare lie down there and managed to hit the perfect shot and it just fell in, the chip shot. That was good. Almost birdied the 13th hole after a pretty poor tee shot, hit a good iron out of the trees.

Q. Sounds like the shot on 12 might be one of the best you hit then given the circumstances.
LUKAS MICHEL: Yeah, the lie was really tricky. It was pretty wet from all the rain we got and muddy, and you're looking at water behind. You can catch it thin for where you can potentially hit it, then all of a sudden you could hit it fat with the water and it's just going to go a couple feet in front of you. So caught it really good.

Q. We know you love your architecture and course design. Any thoughts on going around here in competition?
LUKAS MICHEL: I've played it now seven times. In competition, I would love to see it playing firm and fast. The weather hasn't really gave us that opportunity. It would be nice‑‑ that's how I'd like to see it because I know that's how it normally plays. But it's still a great golf course. Green complexes are awesome. Makes for an interesting round of golf.

Q. Tomorrow the SubAir might get some greens running a little faster.
LUKAS MICHEL: Yeah, hopefully. I hit a good bunker shot on 9 actually. I thought I played it perfectly‑‑ sorry, on 18. Thought I played it perfectly, and it just didn't quite take the slope that we were practicing. Maybe tomorrow after the SubAir it might go down there in the hole.

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