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November 12, 2020

Matthew Wolff

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Great start to your round; can you talk about the conditions of the course, how you found it?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, it's a little wet. I thought they did an unbelievable job. I thought it was going to be more wet, to be honest. They did an unbelievable job draining it and stuff, and they had the SubAir, so the greens weren't ridiculously soft. Obviously with a lot of people stepping on them it got a little bumpy towards the end of the day, but yeah, I thought they did a really good job, and hopefully throughout the week we don't get as much rain.

Q. Your first‑ever competitive round at Augusta National. I know it's not done, but what did it feel like?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, it was great. There was a little bit of nerves on the first couple tee shots, especially starting on Amen Corner. That didn't help at all.
Yeah, I felt like I settled in really nicely. I've been working really hard on my swing with my coach and my caddie Nick. I feel like right now I'm hitting it really good and doing everything really nice. Had a bunch of good up‑and‑downs for par, and like I said, just felt really confident.
It's not over yet, but I'm looking to make some more.

Q. Anything surprise you about the course in tournament conditions?
MATTHEW WOLFF: You know, I would say the greens, they surprised me. They just weren't‑‑ they didn't have the fire that they usually do. When you get an inch of rain, you can only do so much. You know, I feel like they're definitely going to speed them up and firm them up, but yeah, I mean, it's what I expected. You've got to hit the right shots. The pins are on shelves, and for the most part even though it's soft and the ball is sticking, you've got to put it in the right spot. I felt like I did that today, and hopefully I do it for the rest of the week.

Q. What does a successful week look like for you?
MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, I mean, obviously the first step is going out there and feeling confident in your game, making the cut and getting on to the weekend, but after that, for my first time here, I definitely‑‑ no matter what happens, I'm really trying to learn the course because I know I'm going to be here for many, many years in the future. Obviously I know it's playing a little different right now than it does in April and without all the rain. But I'd say a successful week for me is going out there, feeling like I'm confident each and every day in my game and having a good time.

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