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November 10, 2020

Abraham Ancer

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Talk about your first impressions, the things that impressed you the most.
ABRAHAM ANCER: I'm in heaven, man. This is a really special place, somewhere that I grew up obviously watching every April, and somewhere that I definitely wanted to be before I end my career. Happy to be here. This place is amazing. I already played a bit the last two, three days and actually played here for the first time last week, so I want to get that out of the way and get the jitters out of the first tee and looking at the place.
It's been a lot of fun, doing a lot of work. There's definitely a lot of homework out here.

Q. When you say homework, what are the things in your notebook? What are the main things that you have to work on?
ABRAHAM ANCER: Well, yeah, especially for every pin you definitely have places that you can attack from and places that you're just dead, so you've got to really feel comfortable getting those lines into the greens and off the tee, also, you've got to have the right lines for pretty much every pin. I've been working on that, been working on my game like always.
This is a place that you have to be absolutely perfect on every single aspect, so you have to be really sharp on everything, and that's really what I'm working on.

Q. Was it just like you expected it to be? Does it look just like‑‑
ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of elevation change that you can't really see on TV. That's pretty much what most people say, that whenever you get on property, the elevation changes are quite drastic, and they really are. The walk is a lot tougher than you think it would be on TV.
But yeah, some tee balls that maybe looked a lot tighter on TV, maybe they're not as tight, but there's a lot of shots out there that you have to maybe hit a draw and you have a fade lie or you want to have a fade shot and then you have kind of like a draw lie. So a lot of those shots that you can't really see on TV, like especially 13, that second shot. If you hit a 3‑wood and you have like 215 out, it's quite drastic, that side slope, so it's tough to hit that shot solid.
Some of that stuff is just really what stood out to me the most.

Q. The veterans would say the second shot and the short game is the key‑‑
ABRAHAM ANCER: A hundred percent, yeah. It's definitely a ball striker's golf course. You have to be very precise with your distance control, and obviously short game you have to be really sharp with your speed mainly and your lines putting out there. You have to be really, really precise. If not, it you get a little bit aggressive, you can definitely have a lot more six‑, seven‑, even eight‑footers that you were not expecting. Definitely taking a little bit of a higher line every time.

Q. What about Mexican golf? It took more than 40 years to come back here, and now you're here every year.
ABRAHAM ANCER: I know. I was watching my boy Carlos won this weekend, which is awesome. I was playing a practice round here and I had planned since he needed to play the back nine, but I needed to go watch, so I got to watch about six holes, and it was really cool seeing a Mexican win on Tour. It hasn't been done in over 40, 45 years, so that was really cool, and it got me pumped up. I even went out there and practiced until dark to get even a little bit better, which is really cool.

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