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November 10, 2020

Jason Day

Augusta, Georgia

Q. We know you've been working with Kevin; how is your back?
JASON DAY: You know, it's good. My back is good. My neck is good. I held up nicely last week. Anytime I try and do things, I feel like that's one of the first few questions, and it's very understandable. I've always had a bit of a problem trying to stay healthy, and fortunately this week I feel really nice. Out there on the golf course today working and was out there for five, five and a half hours, which was nice.
I'm coming in this week feeling a lot of confidence going from last week.

Q. On last week, a few keen observers say you're hitting the ball better now than you have been in a long, long time.
JASON DAY: You know, I think I've had a little bit of‑‑ well, especially more so in just recent times that I've had more inconsistencies just because I've been going between different shot shapes. I've gone back and forth between hitting a fade and a draw and then on top of it I'm trying to change my swing to try and alleviate some of that back pain, as we're talking about it. That definitely‑‑ some weeks it feels like it kicks in nicely and I'm playing well, and then come weeks it just feels like it's back to square one again.
But me and Duf have been working pretty hard on making sure that we stay healthy. Priority one is always to be healthy and play and compete, but yeah, the swing changes are coming along, and then obviously it just showed last week. I hit it well last week and didn't drive it as well as I'd like to on Sunday, but overall very pleased with it.

Q. Your ball‑striking was pretty good out there today. You've got a birthday in the family tomorrow.
JASON DAY: Little Lucy. My youngest was on the 2nd of November and then Lucy is tomorrow, so they're coming in tomorrow, which is good, so we'll be able to at least have that birthday dinner, which is nice. My caddie's birthday is on Saturday, so we've got a bunch of birthdays, which is nice.

Q. We're expecting rain tomorrow and the next day, so we all know the course is going to play pretty long. How do you think that suits you?
JASON DAY: I feel like I still hit it a decent length. I was actually out there walking around with Bryson, and he made me look like I hit it very short. Some of the lines that I was watching him take I've never seen anyone take before, and it's probably to the point where back in '97 when Tiger came here and kind of blitzed the field and he was taking on certain lines, that's kind of the feeling that I get from that. It's interesting, but yeah, it's going to play long because of the rain and the storms that are coming in. I think it might potentially rain for the rest of the week. There's a chance of it.
There's a good outside chance if we just kind of have weather like this that the scores are‑‑ it's going to yield a lot of birdies. The greens are a lot softer, the fairways are softer, so anytime you have soft conditions, the guys will probably most likely tear it up.
It'll be interesting to see how much moisture they can suck out of the greens with their SubAir system, and if that's the case then the greens could potentially get a little bit quicker, and probably most likely that's going to be the defense of the whole golf course. I don't know if they're going to be able to change too much setup wise. Sometimes you go through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and then you come out feeling and it's a totally different feeling of the golf course, but just through the the weather that we're going to get, I think it'll probably play very similar to what we have right now.

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