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November 9, 2020

Scottie Scheffler

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Scottie have you had a chance to play the golf course this week?
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I have played the golf course when I was in college. I haven't played it yet this week.

Q. And what were your expectations coming in this week versus maybe what they might have been in April?
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I didn't really know what to expect on how the course plays tournament conditions. So it will all be pretty new to me this week. I heard it was wet, and I know it's going to be a wet week. So that's pretty much all I know.

Q. You just get in this morning then?
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I got in last night. A little late, slept in, and practiced a little bit.

Q. So what are the overall expectations for the week, being your first Masters?
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I don't really place too many expectations this early in the week. I'm going to get today, see the course, see how it's playing, and go from there. Obviously, the goal is to come here to win. I didn't just come here to show up and have fun. It's a golf tournament. I'm here to do the best I can and hopefully win, and that's how I'll approach everything from here.

Q. After having missed the U.S. Open due to circumstances, did you maybe come back in the fall a little bit hungrier? You're probably always hungry.
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I wouldn't say I came back any hungrier. I think I remained pretty hungry. It doesn't take much to get me competitively going. Whether it's a game at home or coming out here to play in a tournament, I'm a pretty competitive guy. So getting energized for a competition isn't too hard.
Missing the U.S. Open definitely stunk, and it's nice to have a little bit of freedom from the testing and know that I was going to be able to play this week no matter what. No stress at the beginning of the week.

Q. And what were the circumstances to get to play here in college?
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I don't know if I'm supposed to talk about it. We had an opportunity to come here and play, and we did, and it was awesome.

Q. Playing so well at the PGA‑‑ I know you missed the U.S. Open, but playing so well at the PGA, does it give you ‑sort of where you are and having such a good year, does it give you more of just a taste of wanting to get back into the mix at a Major, at the last Major of the year, a special Major this year?
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I think so. I think my game suits the Major Championship courses a little better than it suits the regular TOUR courses, especially a U.S. Open type golf course where the greens are really firm and fast and the fairways are really tight. I think that suits my game really well. I think the approach on this golf course will suit my game as well, just being able to hit it high and shape the ball different ways is something that's really important out here.

Q. You don't have to tell any secrets. So how many times would you say you have played this golf course?
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I think I played this course five times.

Q. Five times?

Q. You will not get in trouble for saying how many times you played.
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: Yes, five times. We actually came here and played once. We flew out from Austin in the morning and came back at night, so that was quite a weird experience, sleeping in the same bed and playing out here in one day. That was pretty cool.

Q. When you first qualified, what was the one thing you were looking forward to most for this week? Well, in April, when everything happened.
SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: Yeah, so I was right on the cusp of getting in the top 50 when everything was happening. I was kind of right on the borderline, needed a couple of good finishes to keep playing well and keep moving up the rankings. It was something that was definitely on my mind at that point in the year. Obviously, you want to be playing in the majors. That was definitely on my mind at the time. I tried my best to block it out when I was in competition and stuff, but it was definitely on my mind.
It was nice to be able to get into the top 50 beforehand and earn my way into this event. I'm just happy to be here.

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