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March 22, 2001

Pat Hurst


PAT HURST: I birdied No. 2. Actually I bogeyed one. I hit it in the left rough and hit it just short of the green and couldn't get it up-and-down. I birdied No. 2. I hit 3-wood to the left bunker and then chipped it out to about four feet, made the putt. I birdied No. 4., I hit 8-iron from 146 to about 40 feet and made the putt. No. 6 I hit 6-iron from 171 to about ten feet. No. 5, I hit 8-iron just short of the green, and then didn't get it up-and-down. Chipped it long to about, oh, six feet, missed the putt. 18, I hit 7-iron to about five feet, made the putt. I was about 143 away.

Q. You are the only one that birdied 18. Can you tell us about it how it played?

PAT HURST: 18 is playing a little tough today. Playing right into the wind. I hit 3-wood off the tee and then hit a 7-wood. I didn't have -- (inaudible) it was in the first cut; hit 7-wood; still had 143 to the wind. So it is playing long out there.

Q. Can you talk about the rough? Is it anymore difficult than it has been? Describe it.

PAT HURST: You know, the rough is pretty thick out there this week, and I remember it being thick at times and other times it hasn't been this thick. But I think it depends on where you are and which way it has been mowed and how much it is sitting down. So there was times today when I can get a club on the ball and then there was times when I couldn't get a club on the ball. So it is pretty thick. No. 1 is a good example. I hit it left. That was pretty much it. 1, and then I hit it in the rough -- I hit it in the rough I don't know how many times, but like on 12 I hit it in the left rough, but I was able to get a club on the ball. So I mean, it all depends on where you were at.

Q. What did you hit out of the rough?

PAT HURST: 8-iron hoping that it would release out of there. It hit soft and it didn't release like I wanted it to.

Q. When you won here the conditions were tough but it was a different kind of tough because it was weather, wind and cold and rain and whatever. Do you particularly like tough conditions like that?

PAT HURST: You know, I just trying to go and play the best I can. That year I was hitting the ball really well, so that you know, I have a lot of -- obviously I have a lot of good memories from that tournament. But I don't mind playing in the wind. I wish -- I would rather have conditions that are harder than conditions that are easy out there. It is definitely hard out there.

Q. How far did you hit that 8-iron out of the rough on 1?

PAT HURST: On one I had 142 to the pin, 142 to the pin, 118 to the front, so I was just trying to get on the front edge and it still didn't get there you know, and I normally carry an 8-iron about 145.

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