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November 3, 2020

Pierre-Hugues Herbert

Paris, France

Press Conference

P.H. HERBERT/T. Sandgren

2-6, 6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. This is I believe your second win over Tennys in the last couple of tournaments, Cologne and today. Why do you match up so well against him, and why do you think you were the better player out there today?

PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: Yeah, it's the second time we're playing in two weeks, three weeks. He's a really tough opponent, I have to say.

We played in two different atmospheres, because here it's really faster than Cologne, and we did two great matches, and I was the lucky one to be able to win.

But it could have gone either way. I mean, for sure we have games that disturb a bit the other, but I could manage to, yeah, to win.

Yeah, I don't think he's in the best mood, I would say. He didn't win that many matches lately, and maybe this helped me also to help me get to win maybe the important points.

Q. Certainly. How difficult is it for you to play one of your home country tournaments normally well attended and of course this year you're having to play without benefit of spectators? Is it difficult to be out there on court playing, you know, with very few people in attendance?

PIERRE-HUGUES HERBERT: For sure it's different, and for sure a bit sad. But I will take it the other way. Right now in France you don't have many events going on, and I actually feel really lucky to be out there and being able to compete even without, yeah, without crowd and without, I would say, yeah, noise (smiling).

So, yeah, I would take it the other way. Actually we are the lucky ones being able to work, being able to compete and having an event that is going on.

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