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March 23, 2000

Naree Wongluekiet

Aree Wongluekiet


LAURA NEAL: Okay, we have Aree and Naree, Naree you finished at 2-over and Aree at plus three. We're not going to do their score cards. Maybe the two of you could just talk generally about your experience today, how you played and how you felt out there.

AREE WONGLUEKIET: I started off very poorly today. Couldn't hit it in the fairway, my putting was not good, but in the middle of the round, I was playing quite well. I didn't hit the ball great today either, but my putting was quite good so it carried me.

NAREE WONGLUEKIET: Started off all right. Made a string of pars, and then a bit shaky in the middle of the round. And then heading into the back nine, felt all right and made a couple birdies coming in. Just tried to hit fairways and greens today, and did pretty much that.

Q. (Inaudible.)

NAREE WONGLUEKIET: 16, 18? Quite a ways. 30.

Q. (Inaudible.)

NAREE WONGLUEKIET: It was like eight feet, not that far.

Q. Naree, what would you say was the highlight of your round today, your best hole or shot?

NAREE WONGLUEKIET: What's that hole before the par 3, 16? I would say 16, I hit a good, solid 3-iron. I made birdie.

Q. Girls, how did it feel being out there? Were you nervous? Did it take a while for the jitters to stop? How did it feel to be out there playing in this kind of tournament?

AREE WONGLUEKIET: The first four, five holes, I was very nervous. I couldn't hit the ball, but after a while, I felt quite comfortable and I started playing better.

Q. Did your fellow competitors have much to say to you today? Were they supportive or did they play their own game and never mind about you? How did that go?

NAREE WONGLUEKIET: I think they pretty much played their own game, but they were quite nice people we played with today.

Q. Naree, how helpful was it that you were playing with Helen Dobson, who you at least knew and played a little bit with before?

NAREE WONGLUEKIET: I think I had fun with her since I know her from before, and she made me relax a little bit. It's fun, talking to her and playing with her.

Q. You beat quite a few players today, including Annika and Juli Inkster, I think. Are you guys happy with the way you played, or are you disappointed that you didn't put out a lower number? How do you guys feel with the way you did play overall?

AREE WONGLUEKIET: I think I'm quite pleased with the way I played today. My putter wasn't working the first few holes on the first nine, but things got better at the end, and I holed a couple of putts coming in and it gave me more confidence.

Q. Was it any different conditions or just a whole experience of being in an LPGA tournament versus the junior tournaments you play in? Any differences at all?

AREE WONGLUEKIET: Just the conditions were much harder. The course is so much different than junior tournaments. The rough, especially, there's no rough in junior golf and the putting surface is very fast.

Q. Did the two of you keep track of what the other was doing? Did you know what your sister was doing and did you ever have a chance to talk to each other if the groups caught up?

AREE WONGLUEKIET: Not really. I didn't really study her score very much today. I just tried to play my own game.

NAREE WONGLUEKIET: I didn't take a look at the leaderboard at all. I didn't take a look at any scores; so, I had no idea.

Q. Girls, how often do you hit a 3-iron in a junior tournament, or how was club selection today different from junior tournaments?

AREE WONGLUEKIET: Definitely more long irons today into greens, and a lot more precise calculations, especially with my caddie. Maybe not playing to the pins and playing to certain parts of the greens. We don't really get to use that much long irons into par 4s in junior tournaments.

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