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October 23, 2020

Chella Choi

Greensboro, Georgia, USA

Reynolds Lake Oconee

Quick Quotes

Q. Great round. Going into tomorrow what are you thinking, mindset?

CHELLA CHOI: You know, weather is really good and golf course is really good condition right now, so everybody -- I know everybody play well starting weekend, right?

So I trying to keep fairway and keep green and make the putt. So, yeah, a lot of make birdie.

Q. And your caddie is your father. How does it feel having him on the bag? I know you said you feel comfortable. Is there anything that he says or does that makes you feel extra comfortable?

CHELLA CHOI: Yeah, when he standing beside me he give me like a lot of confidence, you know. He know my swing and we work long time together, so he know everything for me.

He give me like very small tip but made a more confidence, so we work great.

Q. That leads into my question, what was it that he helped you with that turned your swing around?

CHELLA CHOI: I think not much, but he just standing beside me and he give me a tip like when I got a (indiscernible), like a little forward to my head. So I trying to little backside. Yeah, trying to keep head same position and trying to swing.

So much better than before.

Q. Now did you move the head forward or back?

CHELLA CHOI: When I got (indiscernible) little forward. Yeah, so trying to little back here.

Q. I see. Okay.


Q. And was that just that one setup cue was all you worked on?

CHELLA CHOI: Yeah, and he's standing with me.

Q. I see.


Q. So it's more confidence of having him there?

CHELLA CHOI: Yes, because before couple weeks I don't have a confidence, you know, like distance. If I have like a between club, like how do I this, so much thinking before shot.

He give me like, Oh, you can do it and you can like little short club and you can hit hard. He gave me confidence, yeah.

Q. And I've talked to a lot of players who have just kind of fallen in love with this golf course. What has been your impression now after a couple days?

CHELLA CHOI: You know last couple week and whole year this year no gallery, right? But right now here is so many gallery in boat and in sea.

So I'm very exciting very thankful people. They clap a lot so very exciting play in here. Golf condition is very, very good. Yeah.

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